What Does an Exterminator Do?


An exterminator is an expert in the field of pest control. He or she has knowledge of the different types of animals and their behavior. He or she will devise a plan of treatment that addresses the specific problem. Generally, an exterminator will first conduct a thorough inspection of the problem area to understand the extent of the damage and entry points.

Before beginning work, an exterminator will complete an apprenticeship program. The length and nature of the program varies by state, but most new workers spend up to two years in training. The program will include classroom and hands-on training. In addition, exterminators will learn about environmental regulations and safe use of chemicals. Many states also require that new exterminators pass a licensing exam.

An exterminator’s job is to identify, prevent, and eliminate pests. They may use pesticides, natural remedies, traps, or other methods to eliminate pests. They may also provide educational resources to prevent future infestations. Exterminators will usually work with both homeowners and businesses to prevent infestations.

An exterminator can treat a variety of pest problems, including bed bugs. Bed bug exterminators will identify the signs of bed bugs and develop a treatment plan tailored to the size of the infestation. After the treatment plan has been completed, an exterminator will monitor the property for reinfestation. In some cases, bed bug exterminators will even offer ongoing pest management services.

Exterminators use common sprays that kill vermin. These chemicals may also pose health risks to pets and people. So, it is important to know what chemicals an exterminator uses. Make sure the exterminator has the proper training to use them.

The benefits of hiring a professional exterminator can’t be overstated. According to research from Terminix, 84% of the calls for professional services were for different types of pests. This includes 71% of cockroaches and 28% of requests for fleas. A Terminix technician is trained to spot various types of pests, their hiding places, and how to safely apply the proper treatment.

The average cost to hire an exterminator varies from $300 to $5,000. The price depends on the size of the home, the number of rooms and the type of treatment. A small house may cost as little as $300, while a large apartment building may cost $5,000. If you’re not sure what the exact price to hire, ask them to give you a free inspection.