Volvo Will Show Its New Cyclist Safety Technology at 2015 CES

Volvo will introduce a new high-end safety system at the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January. The system will be just a concept for a while, but its practical use might actually save a lot of lives. According to the Scandinavian automaker, statistics about cyclists’ safety isn’t brilliant. They quote relevant sources when they say that back in 2012 726 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents in the U.S., while 49,000 of them were injured (NHTSA/Traffic Safety Facts). Volvo decided to do something about it and they’re going to use the advanced system which incorporates both Volvo vehicles and cyclists’ smartphones to avoid traffic accidents.

Volvo Cyclist Safety Technology

At the 2015 CES they’re going to show the technology which establishes two-way communication between a driver and a cyclist which are near. Since all the contemporary smartphones can provide a suitable platform – in fact, a lot of cyclists already use apps like Strava, which constantly determine their position using GPS – the Volvo driver will be notified about positions of nearby cyclists via a head-up display.

Since this is a two-way system, a cyclist, who wears a special helmet with mounted flashing light, will be warned on time, too.

Volvo Safety Technology

Although the system isn’t automated as similar systems which are used to avoid collisions between vehicles, it can really save lives. Volvo has already implemented the Volvo Cars’ City Safety system in the 2016 Volvo XC90. This standard technology helps the driver by automatically detecting cyclists and pedestrians, activating warning sounds and light and braking instead of the driver if necessary and there’s no doubt they’re going to use it in the future.

The system has been developed by partnership between Volvo Cars, Ericsson, communications technology company and POC, cyclists protective-gear manufacturer. Per Borgklint, SVP and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions at Ericsson said about the technology development:

 “There is perhaps no greater promise that the Networked Society holds than its ability to create connections that save lives. Our latest work with Volvo Cars to explore protecting the millions of cyclists on the road is just the latest example of innovation that can change the world. We are proud to support this critical initiative in conjunction with POC and remain committed to the pursuit of connectivity-driven advancements that create limitless new possibilities.”

Maybe the technology looks very complicated at the moment; if every car had the system and every cyclist wore a special helmet… But, Volvo is the company which made available its three-point seatbelt patent to all the other manufacturers.

Instead of profiting, they decided to save lives and according to the automaker’s statement from 2009, when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the three-point seatbelt, a million lives have been saved since the introduction of the seatbelt system we now take for granted. If anyone can make this happen, that would be Volvo.

Photos: Volvo

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