Toyota C-HR Crossover Premiere — Futuristic Fantasy

The upcoming 2014 Paris Auto Show will have some intriguing premieres and one of those will be the debut of the Toyota C-HR compact crossover. This concept will be an incarnation of some new ideas and a completely new design language whose details will certainly be used in the future. Sculpted a little bit unconventionally, this crossover establishes a modern design approach. The Toyota C-HR is a two-door crossover with a coupe roofline and really attractive exterior design. A lot of its features aren’t public yet, but after the premiere, which is scheduled for October 2, at 8AM in in the Hall 4, more detailed specs will be available. The C-HR crossover is just a concept, it’s not a production vehicle, but it reveals how the upcoming Toyota models will be designed and how the manufacturer sees the future of its crossover segment. Reportedly, the Toyota C-HR may have its production version which will be tweaked for conventional use.

Toyota C-HR Concept Crossover

Exterior Design And Overall Style Of Toyota C-HR Concept

The Toyota C-HR is a two-door crossover whose smooth exterior design and modern details make it look futuristic. The body of this vehicle is sculpted with dynamic and sporty paradigm in mind, but its bold sharp lines and muscular curves bring the spice of aggressiveness and power. The front fascia has a style borrowed from the previous Toyota’s style, inheriting the brand’s tradition and reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion. It has a large air intake and a pair of LED headlights as well as vertically positioned daytime running lights. The C-HR is designed in a futuristic manner, so they also developed new ideas which will be implemented in the future models. This way, the C-HR concept became a bridge between the past and the future. They’ve been bold enough to use some sharp lines which resemble the facets of a diamond. Although the overall exterior design is fluid and smooth, those lines add something unique and intriguing to the general feel. A special flair to the Toyota C-HR’s exterior is added by its taillights, which are unconventional and attractive. As for the dimensions, its body will be similar to the Lexus NX.

Toyota C-HR Rear

Toyota C-HR Powertrain

The powertrain of the Toyota C-HR isn’t known yet, but it’s sure that the manufacturer will certainly provide a hybrid setup. Since there’s a probability that it borrowed the platform from the Lexus NX, it may also use its powerplants. Of course, this is just an assumption, so we have to wait for the official information about the C-HR’s powertrain.

Possible Production Version Development

Although the Toyota C-HR looks like a concept whose design elements will be used partially for the future models of the automaker, the truth is that this crossover might be released as a production model. Of course, it would have to be adjusted for the production version, but the future of this crossover may be brilliant. If they manage to make it more conventional and suitable for everyday use, the C-HR could be a very severe competitor on the small crossover market, not just because of its features, but because it’s expected to be pretty affordable.

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