Tesla Teases Something New: Waiting For October 9th

The recent announcement of a mysterious car published on the Twitter timeline of the Tesla CEO Elon Musk caused a great buzz. The photo depicts a front fascia of a Tesla car which can be discerned in the shadow behind the roller door. The speculations about the car started immediately. Is this an announcement of a brand-new model? Could it be an updated version of some of the current models? What does the letter D stands for? Reportedly, we’ll find out more details about it on October 9th. The manufacturer already announced the production versions of the 2016 Tesla Model X and the 2017 Tesla Model 3. Is it possible that they have been secretly developing an all-new model without the automotive public getting even the tiniest hint about it? Is there the Tesla Model D or the letter D stands for something completely different? There are numerous questions which couldn’t be answered until the announced date, when they will, hopefully, reveal what this was about.
Tesla Model D Teaser Image Published On Twitter By Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Part Of The Teaser Image Published On Twitter By Tesla CEO Elon Musk | Source: twitter.com/elonmusk

Is There Really Tesla Model D?

The reports ignited by the Elon Musk’s tweet mostly claim that there’s a possibility that they unveil the Tesla Model D. Based on the photo where we can see a pair of headlights accompanied with a grille and two vertically oriented daytime running lights, the conclusions claim that the car depicted is bigger than the 2017 Tesla Model III, but it’s not big enough to be a version of the Tesla Model S, although the appearance resembles the front fascia of the Model S. Some of the reports claimed that the letter D stands for a new technology pack prepared to improve the Model S. The exact words of the tweet were: “About time to unveil the D and something else”. What could be “something else”? It’s very mysterious and that’s why it kindled the imagination of numerous enthusiasts. There were some rumors about the Tesla Model S and a possibility that it gets a 110-kWh battery pack. This EV can also get some other updates, so the announcement is very likely to refer to the Model S.
It seems that we have to wait for October 9th in order to find out what Mr. Musk teased and how stunning the news would be.
UPDATE 5/10: It’s rumored that the announced D might be an all-wheel drive version of the Tesla Model S. It seems pretty plausible, but nevertheless, we have to wait for October 9th in order to find out what is going to be presented.

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