Tesla Roadster Update: What Can We Expect?

Tesla Motors will reveal something very interesting. According to the tweet Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk published last Friday, the Tesla Roadster will be updated and the update will be disclosed this week. We can only assume what it can be. Mr. Musk also said that the Roadster update was prolonged due to several higher priority “crisis issues”. Until they reveal what the latest update of the performance EV will bring, the automotive public can guess that the latest changes will improve the car’s driving range.

Tesla Roadster Exterior

If the updated Tesla Roadster comes with longer driving range, expect a really amazing improvement. Speculations about it say that the electric roadster might be able to travel up to stunning 400 miles with a single charge. Of course, currently we have nothing to support this statement, so it would be clever to wait and see what kind of changes the green convertible will have. If it comes with a better battery pack, it could have slightly better performance, too.

Tesla Roadster Models

Even if they release the new Tesla Roadster with just a driving range change, it would be a great improvement. However, they could introduce some new changes, too. Perhaps the roadster’s bodywork has been refreshed? What if they’ve improved the car’s performance along with new higher-capacity battery pack? The upcoming update might come with lots of changes and at the moment we have nothing to be sure of.

Needless to say, we’ll keep you informed and publish the details of the Tesla Roadster update as soon as they introduce them.

Photos: Tesla Motors

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