Suzuki iV-4 Concept Reveals Future Crossover

The Suzuki iV-4, unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year, is a concept which announces the next wave of the Maruti Suzuki vehicles. This particular concept can mean that the future Suzuki models might be distributed in the U.S. too. Of course, we can’t expect that this concept becomes a production model without any changes. The subcompact SUV which will be based on the Suzuki iV-4 concept won’t be called like that. It will be placed between the Jimney and the Grand Vitara. Although the all-new crossover will be made primarily for the European, Asian and Australian market, there are rumors which claim that it may be the first Suzuki model which will appear in the U.S.after years of absence. With its modern exterior and styling details which made it completely reinvented using some of the recognizable design cues, this crossover is very attractive. The production version won’t look like this. It will be more modest and mild, as a production vehicle should, but we’re expecting the same overall appearance. It seems that the future subcompact SUV based on the Suzuki iV-4 concept will use the same engine lineup which is used for the Suzuki SX4 (S-Cross).

Modern Appearance Of Exterior

Thanks to the modern design language, the Suzuki iV-4 looks very appealing. It looks dynamic, extravagant and youthful. Thanks to the recognizable grille, which quotes the look of the Grand Vitara’s grille and resembles the grille of the Grand Cherokee, this concept looks powerful. New LED headlights contribute to the overall appearance of the front fascia. The body looks like this crossover is made to be a good looking vehicle for urban environment, but it doesn’t mean that the iV-4 doesn’t have abilities for off-road challenges. All of the design details are integrated in order to make the appearance of the iV-4 sporty and aggressive. As for the dimensions, the Suzuki iV-4 is 166 inches long, 73 inches wide and 65 inches tall.

Suzuki iV-4 Engine Options

The Suzuki iV-4 and the future vehicle which is based on it and which is currently in the test drive phase of development, will probably have the same engine options as the Suzuki SX4. This means that it will be powered by a 1.6-liter gas engine or a 1.6-liter DDiS turbodiesel. Since the iV-4 has obvious off-road ambitions, we may expect more powerful engine options, too. The information about the powertrain is still a secret, but based on the speculations, the more powerful engines might be both gas and diesel. Some rumors say that it may get a hybrid powertrain. This crossover has 4WD as a base feature.

When Will Crossover Based On Suzuki iV-4 Concept Be Released?

The premiere of the crossover based on the Suzuki iV-4 will be at the Paris Motor Show this year. It is expected to be released during 2015. There is no reliable information about the possible North American release, but if this crossover goes overseas, it will be released in Europe first.