Scion’s 2015 Premieres Teased: Scion iM & Scion iA

There will be two new Scion models at the 2015 New York Auto Show. As the automaker announced, the brand’s revival will start with the Scion iM and the Scion iA. They have also released teaser images of those cars.

The new models should, hopefully, make the Scion brand more attractive and resurrect its appeal to the younger audience. This might be understood as a desperate move, since their sales numbers aren’t idyllic, but Toyota Motor Corp. seems to be very self-confident about the Scion brand and its future.

2015 NYIAS Scion iM Grille Teaser

Scion iM Teaser

The new models won’t be just a couple of handsome ornaments that’s expected to alter the perception of the brand. The Scion iM and the Scion iA will substantially change the lineup.

The Scion iM, a five-door hatchback, comes at the 2015 New York Auto Show to be displayed as a production model of the iM concept that was introduced last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Some of the first reactions weren’t exactly brilliant: arguing that the Scion iM – which is actually a rebranded Toyota Auris – can’t follow the brand’s style and its recognizable avant garde design approach, they might be right.

2015 NYIAS Scion iA Teaser

Scion iA Teaser

But there’s no doubt the automaker is a very serious player, among the best in the world and they probably won’t do something like this if they don’t already know how the Scion iM will be received, at least in broad strokes.

The Scion iA is going to be something really intriguing. This is the very first Scion four-door sedan. While the brand hasn’t been oriented towards this market segment, if they manage to broaden the scope of the brand across various niches, their sales could go north.

“We’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment and are excited to introduce our new Scions in New York,” said Scion Group Vice President Doug Murtha. “Both the iM and the iA are tremendous additions to our line-up and will appeal to young people with different perspectives and needs. These cars represent the evolution of Scion and are kicking off a new wave of momentum for the brand.”

The Scion iM and the Scion iA are going to be launched later this year. Those two will replace the iQ and the xD models within the Scion lineup.

Photos: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

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