Samsung Safety Truck Technology Makes Overtaking Safe

Samsung Safety Truck is an innovative use of the technology that already exists. Although it’s sure that this won’t be used regularly on the roads, the fact that someone actually made it is interesting enough.

Leo Burnett, the famous advertising company, created this publicity stunt in order to attract the attention to the traffic safety problem in Argentina where one person dies in a traffic accident every hour and to promote Samsung as a company with ideas.

Samsung Safety Truck Overtake

Samsung Safety Truck | YouTube screenshot

They used a wireless camera placed inside the front bumper and four big outdoor monitors at the rear end of the trailer. Live feed from the camera is displayed at the rear of the truck, so drivers can see the road ahead of the truck without moving to the left lane.

Samsung Safety Truck

Samsung Safety Truck Night Vision | YouTube screenshot

Of course, installing the Samsung Safety Truck technology in every single truck is too expensive and virtually impossible, so there is no chance that one day we’re going to see through the truck in front of us, but the idea is great. However, it might be possible that fleets use this solution as a suitable marketing channel.

Displaying short commercials or a company logo in the corner of the monitor might pay for the technology. Not to mention positive publicity because of so unconventional social responsibility.

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