Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection: Constellation of Luxury

Rolls-Royce has just announced its very first Bespoke Collection which consists of all models. The Suhail Collection will be available on Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. Inspired by the work of the Arabic mathematician, physicist and astronomer Ibn al-Haitam, the new exclusive collection is a special way to celebrate the new Bespoke’s reaffirmation.

To underline the collection’s exclusivity, the automaker painted the luxury cars in really extraordinary hue of moonstone pearl. Specific exterior features aren’t big, but they are noticeable. The interior is, however, what makes the cars of the Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection so special.

Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection Lineup

They decided to use moonstone pearl color because it resembles sparkling of the Suhail stars at night. The Turchese coachline borrowed the color of the sky when the constellation Suhail is visible.

Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection Interior

Acres of highest-quality leather in Crem é Light color with Turchese details provide unique feel inside the cabin. There are also Navy Blue elements – top of the instrument panel and carpets – which bring an elegant contrast to the overwhelming experience.

Needless to say, there are numerous emblems of Suhail stars inside, but one of the most attractive features of the Phantom and Wraith is a Starlight headliner.

Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection Starlight

At the moment, the automaker hasn’t announced how much the Suhail Collection will cost. They also haven’t revealed how many units will be made.

Photos: Rolls-Royce

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