What To Expect of Redesigned 2017 Honda Odyssey?

The next generation of the famous Honda minivan will probably be released by the end of 2016 as a 2017 model. Since there’s no one who knows much about the new Honda Odyssey, all we can do is speculate about its new features and attractive improvements. However, we have an idea how the 2017 Odyssey might look. Once it hits the market, the minivan will meet the rivals. And the competitors aren’t joking around. In the next couple of years all the well-established minivan automakers will work on something new. Therefore, the next-gen Honda Odyssey simply must be better than the others if they want it to succeed. According to some speculations, the 2017 Honda Odyssey won’t be just a follow-up of the current MPV. Reportedly, the redesigned model will essentially change everything we know about the moniker. Aside from the new exterior design and interior improvements, whose absence would be absurd, the 2017 Odyssey will come with some other intriguing features.

2017 Honda Odyssey Redesign

2015 Honda Odyssey

Possible Powertrains

It would be great if they could offer the minivan with a hybrid powertrain. The rest of the market niche probably will. Some sources say that the internal combustion version could be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The Earth Dreams mill will be upgraded so its power output might be close to 300 horsepower.

2015 Honda Odyssey Side View

2015 Honda Odyssey

Which Platform Will Be Used?

The fifth generation will probably be built on the same platform as many other Honda vehicles. Until now, the minivan has shared the basic architecture with Honda and Acura SUVs, so the future models might have the same bones. It’s still too early to say something more about the platform, but there’s no doubt that they’re going to make the chassis modular so it can be used on various new vehicles and it can support different powertrains. The 2017 Honda Odyssey will probably have all-wheel drive available as an option.

2017 Honda Odyssey Release

As for the release, it’s impossible to estimate when the next generation will be launched. It’s been rumored that they’re going to release the 2017 Odyssey late in 2016, but it would be clever to take this with a pinch of salt until the automaker releases an official announcement.

Photos: Honda

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