OnStar Improvements: New Approach on Interactivity

At the 2015 CES General Motors revealed that the OnStar system will be improved by various new features. Aside from the predictive maintenance technology which will try to detect problems before they happen, the automaker introduces some other interesting features. The system will have a revolutionary commercial concept – the personal assistant will offer discounts.

If the last sentence doesn’t look very logical, that’s because commercial content wasn’t a part of the similar systems in the past. The new OnStar will have AtYourService – a feature whose job is to find connect retailers and merchants with driver. Using the new service, a driver can get discount offers located at the specific destinations.

OnStar AtYourService System

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OnStar AtYourService

Initially, OnStar will be partners with Dunkin’ Donuts and Priceline.com. There are RetailMeNot and Entertainment Book coupons; there is Parkopedia with its parking data, as well as Audiobooks.com with their archive.

OnStar Dunkin Donuts

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If you’re a full-service subscriber, your OnStar will provide you all the necessary information from the Priceline.com and you’ll be able to book a hotel reservation. Of course, you can then direct the vehicle to the destination.

“By delivering relevant connections, interactions, offers and services based on our subscribers’ needs, we are laying the foundation for a truly cohesive experience,” said OnStar consumer online officer Mark Lloyd. ”Our hope is that OnStar AtYourService will help transform the way businesses and consumers interact in connected vehicles.”

So, the commercial future of infotainment systems is obvious, but what about the other ways to use this degree of interactivity?

OnStar Driving Assessment

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Insurance Discounts like Never Before

The OnStar customers will be able to take part of the program that’s going to assess their driving. After the 90-day evaluation period, the assessment will show the drivers’ driving metrics and how do they differ from the anonymous aggregate metrics.

Aside from the driving tips you can get from your OnStar, if you agree, Progressive Insurance can use this data to evaluate your driving behavior and to offer you suitable insurance discounts. This is going to be the first time to get an insurance offer based on your own driving habits. Even without sharing your driving metrics with Progressive Insurance, you can get discounts based on low mileage.

OnStar Update

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The program will be available this summer. It will be available on all the 2016 models manufactured by General Motors. While most of the 2015 model year vehicles will have it, too, only selected 2013 and 2014 models will be improved with this feature.

OnStar Remote Maintenance

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OnStar Remote Prognostics – How Does It Work?

Predictive maintenance technology is yet another perk of the updated OnStar program. All the necessary notifications about crucial parts of a Chevrolet vehicle will warn the driver on time, before it’s too late. Since this is the mere beginning of the service, it can notify you about starter motor, fuel pump and battery state, but it will be enhanced soon.

OnStar Remote Prognostics

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The service utilizes the OnStar 4G LTE connection to monitor the vehicle’s state. Using the 4G LTE connectivity, the system transmits the essential sensor-gathered data to the OnStar secure servers which use a number of complex algorithms to assess whether some of the aforementioned parts are in risk of failure. The system can notify you via email, text message, in-vehicle alert or the OnStar RemoteLink app.

OnStar Predictive Maintenance

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The remote assurance technology will be available with some of the Chevrolet vehicles. Initially, it will be available on some versions of the 2016 Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado and Silverado HD. There will be more vehicles throughout the 2016 model year.

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