New VW Crossover below Tiguan: Golf SUV with MQB Platform and T-ROC Design

According to the Carscoops article, Volkswagen is working on a small crossover which should be placed below the VW Tiguan in the automaker’s range. The all-new crossover will use the same MQB platform as the famous Golf, so you get the idea about its probable size.

It’s expected that they’re going to use the T-ROC crossover concept they introduced at the last year’s Geneva Auto Show.

Volkswagen T-ROC Concept

T-ROC Concept

Quoting the statement Heinz-Jacob Neusser, Volkswagen head of product development, gave to WardsAuto, Carscoops concluded that the latest Golf-based addition will expand the brand’s U.S. crossover range to four. Aside from the two well-established models – the Touareg and the Tiguan – they will also offer the all-new seven-seater crossover which had its debut at the 2015 NAIAS.

VW Crossover -- T-ROC Concept

T-ROC Concept

The smallest crossover within the Volkswagen lineup will open a new sales field and offer yet another option to the specific market niche.

 “The next step we’re thinking about is a Golf SUV,” Mr. Neusser said to WardsAuto. “It’s very early (to be talking about), but we are thinking about it. This is (something) that could fit in the U.S. market – but step-by-step. We can’t do everything simultaneously.”

T-ROC Concept

T-ROC Concept

It’s important to say that the VW Tiguan will grow and this move will provide more space for the all-new CUV. The next Tiguan will have its wheelbase increased, as well as overall length. There’re probably going to offer it with a third row of seats and the expectations are that they will make a brand new coupe iteration, too.

VW Crossover T-ROC

T-ROC Concept

All of those changes are in favor of the new Golf-based crossover. It will scoop some of the Tiguan’s market share and probably take some of the other automaker’s customers.

Volkswagen Crossover - T-ROC Concept

T-ROC Concept

Of course, nothing’s certain at this point. The new crossover won’t hit the showrooms anytime soon, but if they definitely decide to go with the new plan, the CUV concept might be introduced really soon, since they won’t have troubles developing it.

Photos: Volkswagen of America

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