All-New Volkswagen Mid-Size SUV To Be Introduced By 2017

There’s no doubt that Volkswagen intends to become one of the most prominent players on the North American market. Trying to accomplish this ambitious task, they’re going to make a completely new mid-size crossover . This all-new vehicle will expand the automakers lineup, but it shouldn’t interfere with other crossovers and SUVs made by Volkswagen. The latest rumors said that the SUV is going to be based on the CrossBlue concept, so we can consider that its development is already in progress. Reportedly, the upcoming crossover is going to be released sometime during 2017. It’s possible that they decide to unveil it during 2016, but the production model probably won’t be available until 2017. Having this in mind, we can assume that, when it hits the dealerships’ showrooms, the SUV will be named as a 2018 model. It’s still early for speculations and estimations, since the upcoming crossover will be all-new, but there are some rumors which reveal some of the aspects of the future mid-size Volkswagen crossover.

CrossBlue Coupe Concept Base For Volkswagen Mid-size SUV

CrossBlue Coupe Concept

Volkswagen Mid-Size SUV To Be Based On CrossBlue Concept

According to those rumors, the crossover will use the CrossBlue concept as an inspiration and a base. The CrossBlue concept was introduced back in 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show. Of course, no one should think that the upcoming Volkswagen mid-size SUV will be exactly the same as the concept, but it’s clear that there’s no doubt the automaker is going to rely on the CrossBlue. Since there are going to be three rows of seats inside the crossover’s cabin, this vehicle will be the largest model underpinned by the famous MQB platform. The CrossBlue concept is 68.2 inches tall, but the manufacturer said that the production model, based on the concept will be a bit higher. Reportedly, the production version’s height won’t be increased less than two inches. As for the other dimensions, the concept is 79.3 inches wide and 196.3 inches long. The CrossBlue Coupe concept will be used for the redesigned Tiguan, so the mid-size SUV could be its bigger sibling. In fact, those two could appear to be very similar, so the most obvious difference will be in size — the Tiguan is a compact CUV.

CrossBlue Coupe Concept Rear View

CrossBlue Coupe Concept

Possible Engine Options — Gasoline, TDI Diesel And Plug-in Hybrid Powertrain

As for the powertrain, the forthcoming Volkswagen mid-size SUV will probably have several engine options. Reportedly, this vehicle will have both four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline and four-cylinder turbocharged diesel TDI engine. Aside from those engines, the crossover could also be powered by a V6 gasoline. It’s still too early to claim with certainty, but it’s very likely that there will be a plug-in hybrid powertrain option. The mid-size SUV will probably have standard front-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive will be available as an option.

Premiere And Release Of Mid-Size Volkswagen Crossover

Like we already said, the future Volkswagen mid-size SUV will probably be released sometime during 2017, but the production version might be unveiled in the second half of 2016. Since the CrossBlue Coupe concept was introduced at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, it’s possible that the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show will host the premiere of the production version.

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