New Uconnect Access Services Introduced at 2015 CES

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has introduced four new Uconnect Access services at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new features improve the system’s usability and, consequently, the cars where the Uconnect is installed.

One of the most useful services is the all-new Vehicle Finder feature. The new Uconnect Access app will have this improving service where a customer can see the exact location of his or hers vehicle. It can show where the vehicle is in three different views: map, satellite or hybrid. After choosing a particular view, the menu offers two options: Find Route or Sound Horn. When the Find Route is chosen, the app prompts to select a navigation app.

Another useful service that comes with the Uconnect App is the Send Destination to Vehicle feature. It’s a very handy service which allows sending a destination address to the Uconnect system using the app. When the customer starts the vehicle, the in-vehicle navigation system will already have the address and using a Go Now prompt icon, the destination will be set.

One of the most important services that come with the new Uconnect Access is the Monthly Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert system. As you can probably assume, the Monthly Vehicle Health Report is sent to the customers’ email address. It’s an overview of the vehicles essential systems – powertrain, brakes, oil and fluids, suspension, and safety systems.

Uconnect Monthly Vehicle Health Report Service

Aside from the Monthly Vehicle Health Report, the Vehicle Health Alert feature warns the driver that immediate care is required regarding the aforementioned key systems.

The Uconnect Access system will have the new services available in the first half of the year on some 2015 models.

Photos: FCA

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