New-Gen 2018 Jeep Wrangler Will Get 8-Speed ZF Automatic Transmission

As the recent reports confirmed, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler won’t be built on a new, lightweight unibody platform. It’s going to stay loyal to the body-on-frame chassis, but they have to think of other ways to improve the SUV’s fuel consumption. The next-gen Wrangler will probably have numerous tweaks in order to meet the CAFE standards, but one of the most efficient will be a new gearbox. Reportedly, the redesigned 2018 Wrangler will have an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Since the transmission is expected to significantly decrease the emissions, the SUV might keep its traditional features. Is this a worthy sacrifice? Changing of the Wrangler’s essence won’t be such a good move, but a new gearbox might be a clever way to improve the SUV’s EPA fuel economy ratings. After all, the eight-speed ZF transmission was installed in the Jeep Grand Cherokee since 2014 model year. It also connects the V6 engine and the wheels of the Chrysler 300 since 2012 model year, while the V8 engine was mated with this gearbox recently, for 2015 model year. It seems they know what they’re doing.

Current Jeep Wrangler

Current Jeep Wrangler

How Beneficial ZF Transmission Can Be To 2018 Jeep Wrangler?

The eight-speed ZF automatic transmission can really help the new Jeep Wrangler to improve its fuel economy. It’s important to say that the gearbox won’t be manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen. Of course, it’s going to be made under the ZF license, since the Chrysler Group has a license agreement for the 8HP transmission and they’re manufacturing it in their Indiana-based Kokomo Casting plant. However, it will certainly be better than the current five-speed automatic. Although this gearbox has some perks, the new eight-speed ZF will, reportedly, improve the Wrangler’s fuel economy by 9 percent.

Will New Transmission Do The Job?

The automaker has all the resources necessary for the development of the new generation of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler with the eight-speed ZF automatic. They even though to install the gearbox as an update of the current generation. If they can improve the SUV’s fuel economy to the extent that they don’t have to make structural sacrifices, this is going to be the best news about the new Wrangler in the last couple of years. The automaker is very confident about the gearbox, so they’re going to install the eight-speed ZF automatic in almost every vehicle they manufacture. They already started to implement this decision with the 2016 Fiat 500X which also has the eight-speed ZF automatic.

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