New Ferrari Limited Models: Ferrari Sergio Roadster & 1,035-HP LaFerrari FXX K

This week brought two new Ferrari models that will probably be iconic and extremely popular. Their future popularity will probably be diametrically opposed to the volume of production. The Ferrari Sergio will be made in just six units. The roadster was envisaged to honor the late Sergio Pininfarina, the famous designer and founder of the Pininfarina design studio which crafted numerous Ferrari models. The first unit has already been made and it’s been delivered to the first customer. On the other hand, the LaFerrari FXX K will be made in drastically higher volume. Drastically higher in comparison with the Sergio, that is. This supercar will come in 40 specimens. Both of the special versions have something in common with regular, stock Ferrari models, but they are undoubtedly different.

Ferrari Sergio Side View

Ferrari Sergio Design and V8 Engine

The Ferrari Sergio is based on the Ferrari 458 Spider. It’s where the handsome and attractive general style came from, but the Sergio is completely unique. They took great care about the Sergio’s exterior, since it’s a tribute to the man who designed Ferrari cars. Although the car looks modern, there are some details which resemble the legendary models designed by Pininfarina back in ‘60s and ‘70s. Since the Ferrari Sergio is based on the 458 Spider, it inherited its powertrain. Therefore, looking in the engine compartment of the special roadster, we can see a 4.5-liter V8 engine, the same mill that powers the 458 Spider. It can deliver 605 horsepower which are transmitted to the rear wheels.

Ferrari Sergio Rear View

The first buyer of the Ferrari Sergio is located in the United Arab Emirates, but the rest of the range will be dispersed all around the world. It isn’t known at the moment how many units will be delivered on the North American soil. Even if they decide to deliver remaining five cars, the Ferrari Sergio will be a high-speed rarity on wheels.

Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Hybrid Powertrain and Specs

The LaFerrari FXX K is a completely different kind of supercar. It’s named after the Ferrari FXX which is a race version of the famous Enzo. As you can probably assume, this is a track-only model. Also, the Ferrari’s client-oriented development program is called like that. The letter K stands for the KERS system mate with the hybrid powertrain installed in the performance coupe. The hybrid powertrain consists of a 6.3-liter V12 engine which delivers 848 horsepower and an electric motor that’s good for 187 horsepower. This means that the LaFerrari FXX K has overall power output of 1,035 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.

LaFerrari FXX K

KERS and Its Modes

KERS is an acronym for the kinetic energy recovery system which uses the energy created by braking and stores it in the battery pack. It comes in four modes: Qualify, Manual Boost, Long Run and Fast Charge. While the Qualify mode improves the car’s performance for a limited distance (or number of laps), the Manual Boost mode delivers additional amount of power for immediate use when necessary. Naturally, Long Run is made for longer driving and the Fast Charge sacrifices the car’s performance by diverting a part of the powertrains output for battery pack recharging.

LaFerrari FXX K Exterior

New Bodywork Significantly Improved Down Force

The LaFerrari FXX K isn’t all about boosted powertrain. They’ve been working on improving its aerodynamics, using the experience of the racing cars, so the FXX K, with all those body changes, has significantly improved down force. One of aerodynamic setup improves the down force by 30 percent, while the advanced configuration makes it 50 percent better.

Photos: Ferrari

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