Cadillac HD Rearview Mirror Gets High-Res Video Feed, Debuts with 2016 CT6

The upcoming 2016 Cadillac CT6, the brand’s new flagship sedan, will have advanced technologies installed in order to prove the the new models’ upscale and high-end orientation. One of the most interesting gadgets will be a new HD rearview mirror which gets a high-resolution video feed from a rearview camera. This isn’t something that was hard to imagine, but it’s really very hard to implement, since the system has to work perfectly in all conditions.

Cadillac High-Quality Rearview Mirror

© General Motors

The automaker said that the new mirror will have a 1280-by-240-pixel TFT-LCD display with 171 pixels per inch. Of course, the display can be turned off if the driver wants to use a conventional electrochromatic rearview mirror. We doubt that there will be someone who’d like to go back to the old-fashioned rearview mirror, but the regulations require having a conventional mirror, too.

Cadillac HD Rearview Mirror

© General Motors

However, the new technology isn’t here just because Cadillac is a luxury brand and it has to prove it. It will be substantially helpful. The high-quality streaming which comes from a HD camera will improve driver’s field of vision by 300 percent, according to the manufacturer’s estimate.

But, one of the biggest advantages of this system is eliminating all of the obstructing objects which may appear in a conventional rearview mirror. This way, the picture will come without pillars, headrests or passengers in the frame. A hydrophobic coating on the rearview camera is a ruminated feature which improves the system further.

Cadillac HD Rearview Mirror Field

© General Motors

The technology will, as we already said, debut with the 2016 Cadillac CT6 late next year.

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