New Bentley SUV Might Be Called Bentley Bentayga

The rumors about the new Bentley SUV, an off-road luxury vehicle which is a way for the automaker to enter the lucrative market segment, aren’t very reliable. This vehicle is already very popular, though it haven’t been introduced yet. The latest reports claim that the all-new Bentley SUV won’t be named the Falcon, as it was previously thought.

Reportedly, it will be called the Bentley Bentayga. Of course, this shouldn’t be taken as the only truth, because the only clue we have is that the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported that the automaker has registered this name. But, what does Bentayga mean?


Bentley Bentayga

Well, believe it or not, it’s a rock located at the island of Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. What’s the connection between a rock and the new Bentley SUV? It seems none. Except of the first several letters, that is. If they decide to go with this name, it’s certainly going to be something new, something very interesting and attractive. They could perhaps think of a dozen other names, but the Bentley Bentayga moniker stands out as well as the SUV.

Would They Really Go With Bentley Bentayga Name?

An extraordinary name for an extraordinary SUV, some would say. The Bentley Bentayga was presented to the public for the first time as the EXP 9 F concept. Its development is almost over and now we expect the production version to be introduced. After the concept has been presented, it’s been rumored that the letter F in the EXP 9 F label stands for Falcon.

Almost the entire automotive public thought that the upcoming Bentley SUV was destined to be called the Bentley Falcon. However, it seems that we’ve all been wrong. Nothing’s certain yet, but there’s a fat chance that the crossover comes as the Bentley Bentayga. Although the Falcon option would work better across all the markets where the SUV is going to be distributed, the Bentayga name is really attractive, since it’s so strange and extraordinary.

After all, the Falcon moniker might be a bit cheesy name for an elegant vehicle which is going to amaze the world with its style and luxury equally as with its power and performance. Of course, we have to wait for the official announcement, but we must admit that the automaker knows how to make a buzz.

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