Lincoln Continental Concept Details: Distilled American Luxury

The first look on the Lincoln Continental Concept reveals the automaker’s ambitions regarding the resurrection of the legendary sedan. They decided to show what they think of the famous Continental moniker and how the future production model will look like when they release it next year. The 2017 Lincoln Continental might not look exactly like the concept, but it’s certain that it’s going to inherit the same design language.

And they really took care of the halo sedan’s design. The Lincoln Continental Concept is new from the ground up. Since it’s been a while since the last Continental was up-to-date and the natural evolution flow has been discontinued, they had to make some really radical moves. Maybe the Continental Concept doesn’t use a lot of the predecessors’ style, but there’s no doubt that the design department did their best to utilize the elegant DNA of the Continental tradition.

Lincoln Continental Concept Luxury Sedan

“The Lincoln Continental name is associated with iconic beauty and elegance,” said David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director. “Capturing those qualities and building upon them drove us as we crafted this thoroughly modern sedan concept.”

Focused on the overall experience, the automaker created a well-rounded full-size sedan that can compete with the most prominent luxury cars currently on the market. Of course, we don’t know how the production model will appear after necessary adjustments, but we hope that they won’t change it much.

Lincoln Continental Concept Appearance

Lincoln Continental Concept Exterior Design

The exterior of the Lincoln Continental Concept is very interesting. Its front fascia has the recognizable Lincoln style, but it’s not as usual. Using a new shiny grille and smooth lines, the automaker managed to create a something extraordinary. If it would have slightly larger air intake and a pair of big fog lights the concept would look sportier, but that would jeopardize the refined elegance.

Lincoln Continental Concept Exterior Features

Inside the headlights they installed matrix LED technology. The full-width taillights have light-through-chrome technology. The sedan’s overall appearance is obviously very powerful and elegant. The Continental Concept looks self-confident and calm, but really assertive and robust at the same time. The concept is painted in signature Rhapsody Blue metallic paint.

It sits atop of 21-inch alloy wheels that significantly contribute to its powerful stance. One subtle detail also stands out – the Continental has the E-Latch handles discretely hidden at the waistline.

Lincoln Continental Concept Rear End

Classy Interior Means Premium Materials and High-End Technology

The interior of the Lincoln Continental Concept is where we can see the automaker’s plan to tackle the giants of the luxury sedan market niche. Venetian leather seat and door panels, Rose Gold and bright chrome, Alcantara armrests and seat inserts, satin and wool etc. All of the top-notch materials have been used for the occupants’ indulgence in the new Lincoln luxury sedan.

Lincoln Continental Concept Dashboard Interior

There’s no doubt that the time spent inside the 2017 Continental would be extremely comfortable. There are all-new 30-way seats that can accommodate virtually every possible body shape. The sunroof has been made of SPD SmartGlass that can block 99 percent of UV rays, which decreases the temperature inside the luxury sedan up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lincoln Continental Concept Interior Features

Of course, there will be the MyLincoln Touch infotainment system installed. Champagne storage, Revel Ultima audio system and other high-class details are just a cherry on top of the beautiful creation.

Lincoln Continental Concept Interior Detail

Lincoln Continental Concept V6 EcoBoost

The Lincoln Continental Concept has a 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost engine beneath the hood. The automaker hasn’t revealed how much power the V6 can deliver, but they said that the car has Lincoln Drive Control and Adaptive Steering, implying that the car’s performance and handling are going to be remarkable.

Lincoln Continental Concept Badge

Concept Debut and Production 2017 Lincoln Continental Release Date Estimate

The 2015 New York Auto Show will host the premiere of the Lincoln Continental Concept. The production model is expected to be launched next year, but we have to wait for the official automaker’s confirmation to be sure.

Lincoln Contienantal Concept Roofline

Photos: Lincoln Motor Company

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