Land Rover Range Rover EV? Rumors About Luxury Electric SUV

Can you imagine a handsome and classic, a bit conservative and rough, but elegant and luxury SUV with electric powertrain? According to some reports, you probably won’t have to imagine this picture for a long. It seems that there’s a possibility that the new Range Rover EV hits the market soon. Since Tesla opened a new niche of luxury high-end electric vehicles, the people in charge of the famous British Land Rover brand thought about implementing an electric powertrain inside the body of the Range Rover SUV. Currently, there’s no detailed information about this vehicle, but we can make some conclusions based on the rumors and speculations. The Range Rover electric vehicle would be the first electric vehicle of the brand. Although the rich line of ancestry of the Land Rover Range Rover EV had no experience with batteries, driving range, cold weather performance and other specific EV issues, there’s no doubt that they’re going to manufacture a brilliant specimen which could be extremely popular on the developed markets. The U.S.-spec version will have to come with nothing but impressive performance and specs, because the Tesla models are already well established and pretty popular in the USA.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR on the Track

Range Rover SVR

Manufacturing Range Rover EV Is a Very Hard Task

As we already mentioned, everything about the Land Rover Range Rover EV is still vague and uncertain. It’s known that the automaker is thinking about developing the very first electric Range Rover, but it isn’t known whether they already started this process. The current body shape of the Range Rover is really good looking and there’s no need to diverge from the design language, but if they plan to make it run on batteries, they have to make it more aerodynamic. Although it may seem as a hard task, the changes of the SUV’s exterior in the recent generations aren’t just more aerodynamic. Those really improved the Range Rover’s appearance which is now modern, smooth and powerful. Perhaps it sacrificed a tiny bit of its rough look, but now the Range Rover SUV looks like a tough, but elegant English gentleman.

Land Rover Range Rover SVR Can Be Compared With Range Rover EV

Range Rover SVR

Powertrain Requirements and Other Features

However, this won’t be the only obstacle the automaker is going to face in order to deliver the Range Rover EV on the market. The body changes won’t just be cosmetic and aerodynamic. The core problem below all those partial issues is the SUV’s efficiency. It’s hard to make a big and bold SUV efficient to the extent that it can compete with the models such as the Tesla Model S. Therefore, they have to build the electric Range Rover in a way that every single pound is spared. Reportedly, the EV is going to be based on the current platform and it’s going to borrow some of the advanced details from the Jaguar C-X17 concept. Of course, the most important part will be the powertrain. The Land Rover Range Rover EV crossover will have to come with a battery pack and an electric motor which can compete with the Tesla models. This means that the electric Range Rover won’t just need an amazing performance; it should have an outstanding drive range so it can meet the customer’s requirements.

Land Rover Range Rover EV Will Have Some Common Exterior Details With Range Rover SVR

Range Rover SVR

If They Manufacture Production Range Rover EV How Much It Could Cost?

Of course, there’s no doubt that they’re going to make the Range Rover EV in the same manner as the rest of the lineup – with a lot of luxury and sophisticated style. If they manage to incorporate an electric powertrain and make a powerful SUV with a decent autonomy, they will probably break the bank in the USA. Naturally, since almost everything about the Land Rover Range Rover EV is based on speculations, no one can estimate the SUV’s price. Some early estimates claim that the electric SUV will be very expensive, but having in mind all the upsides of such a classy and potent EV, the price of the green SUV might be fair enough.

Photos: Jaguar Land Rover

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