Honda Civic Type R Coming to USA?

Although it’s still unconfirmed, Honda’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder which powers the Honda Civic Type R might come across the pond. It’s been rumored that the Type R’s engine could be used beneath the hood of the U.S.-spec Type R. The performance hatchback is the automaker’s trump in Europe and Asia. There are numerous other vehicles which come with more power than the Civic Type R, but this car is adored because of its sporty spirit and very entertaining ride. It owes its remarkable performance to the aforementioned turbocharged four-banger which delivers more than 276 horsepower. However, according to the rumors, the engine could be used for a different model on the U.S. market. Reportedly, the turbocharged four-cylinder mill might be installed beneath the hood of the Honda CR-Z. And while there’s a possibility that the Honda CR-Z gets this engine, there’s also a possibility that they finally treat the American market with the U.S.-spec Civic Type R.

2015 Honda Civic Type R Rear

Honda Civic Type R Might Still Stay Away from American Soil

We should bear in mind that nothing’s official yet. This means that the rumors which said that the mill will come stateside might not be true, so until the official announcement, we should take this with a pinch of salt. But at the same time, since the automaker hasn’t made any statements about this topic yet, there’s a hope that we could get the American version of the Honda Civic Type R. The performance hatchback would be a worthy addition to the Honda lineup in the United States and it would be able to become one of the most prominent players within the sports hatchback market segment in no time.

U.S.-Spec Honda Civic Type R – Yes or No?

The rumors about the possible U.S.-spec Honda Civic Type R started right after the premiere of the Type R concept. It seems that the American market really wants this car, but it doesn’t mean that the automaker will make all our wishes come true, because they have to make a viable business case in order to even think about distributing a new vehicle on the market where it has never been before.

The fact that there are constant speculations about the Type R’s American adventure is really encouraging. While all the rumors might be just a byproduct of our wishful thinking, Honda thoughtfully follows what the markets want.

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