Ford Performance Brand Confirmed — 12 Models Through 2020

It’s official. Ford has just announced that there will be a performance division. According to the plan, the Ford Performance team will conjoin Ford SVT, Team RS and Ford Racing under the same umbrella. This move will result in 12 performance models through 2020. With tighter collaboration and wider possibilities, the new Ford Performance team will be able to deliver performance-oriented vehicles which can be used for everyday purposes. The long-awaited U.S.-spec Ford Focus RS is already underway. Aside from the sporty Focus RS, the automaker will also offer a number of new cars.

We wrote earlier about the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Reportedly, there will be the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, a performance edition of the stock Shelby GT350 which is already impressive. Also the expectations are that at the world premiere of the 2016 Ford Focus RS will be at the 2015 NAIAS.

Ford Performance

Aiming at the growing market, the automaker will probably offer a very diverse range of performance vehicles. We can expect different models, different body types, and exciting additions to the current lineup.

Sales of performance vehicles have been growing year after year. In the United States, performance vehicles sales grew by 70 percent since 2009. The European market figures aren’t that impressive, but still, there’s a 14 percent growth in the same timeframe. This doesn’t mean that Ford is after the new opportunities only. Of course, market expansion is what they count on and it’s a viable business case, but there’s more. Ford Group vice president of global product development, Mr. Raj Nair, said:

“Ford still races for the same reasons Henry Ford did in 1901 – to prove out our products and technologies against the very best in the world. The Ford Performance team will continue to pursue performance innovation, ensuring we can deliver even more coveted performance cars, utilities and trucks to customers around the world.”

Making a performance car is a very important assignment for every automaker. It’s a matter of prestige, honor and pride. No matter how good you are, you have to do your best in order to provide a vehicle which will satisfy a very demanding customer.

Having a rich heritage, Ford Performance team will certainly be very passionate about the new task. This can result not only in expanding the Ford performance range, but also in creating even better vehicles than those which are currently offered.

Photos: Ford

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