Why Every Future BMW Model Will Have Plug-in Hybrid Option?

In the near future, every new BMW model will have a plug-in hybrid powertrain as an option. This has been confirmed to hybrid powertrain. This is yet another proof that the Bavarian automaker has some really serious plans with hybrid technology. Of course, not all the models will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain at the same time. Reportedly, the first one will be the 2016 BMW X5 eDrive plug-in hybrid. After the SUV, they’re going to release the aforementioned 2017 BMW 3-Series eDrive plug-in hybrid as well as the 2017 BMW 2-Series eDrive Active Tourer. These two will arrive sometimes during 2016 and after their release, every single vehicle from the BMW range will have a plug-in hybrid option. But, why do they insist on the plug-in hybrid technology? Is this a clever move?

BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid Concept

BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid Concept

Why wouldn’t it be? If they have a business case – which they obviously do – offering more powertrain options is always a plus. This is a way to blend the brand’s luxury feel and the advanced eDrive technology of the future in order to create a solid basis for the years to come when more and more green vehicles will be sold. Of course, conventional powertrains will still be available and they will undoubtedly be dominant in the sales structure.

According to Auto Express, the automaker’s plan is to have between eight and ten percent of the electric market segment by 2020. They’re rapidly developing their green technology and this will result in being able to install a plug-in hybrid powertrain in every single model without troubles. They will prepare various hybrid setups for different vehicles. Bear in mind that they have a wide range of cars, from a compact hatchback to a full-size sedan and from a compact crossover to a full-size SUV. Therefore, they need a very diverse lineup of different hybrid powertrains. In the statement to Auto Express, Mr. Wiesler said:

We have a modular system which can be fitted to each BMW, with the new generation of engines allowing us to combine each three, four, six or eight cylinder petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor.

The most interesting part is that the future plug-in hybrid models won’t have to sacrifice performance in favor of fuel economy and the price won’t be different from the price of the other conventional BMW models.

Photos: BMW

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