Revealed: Dual-motor Tesla Model S With AWD, Autopilot & Stunning Performance

Tesla Motors finally revealed what the letter D stands for. When Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announced that they will present the D and “something else”, he made a great buzz and all of us were on the edge of our seats. A big mystery and one of the most innovative companies are a great combination for unleashing the imagination of the automotive public. We all expected something special. Although there was no a completely new EV called the Model D, the novelties they brought are very big. As it was previously speculated, the D is actually a special kind of the Tesla Model S. How much special it is? Well, the letter D stands for the dual-motor feature which provides all-wheel drive. The additional electric motor is nested above the front axle and it’s used for the front wheels. If the fact that the car has two motors and all-wheel drive, which is really great to hear, isn’t enough, there are also some other new features we’ll see later, that make this model a really futuristic electric vehicle. There will be three versions of the Tesla Model S available: the 60D, 85D and P85D.

Tesla Model D Teaser Image Published On Twitter By Tesla CEO Elon Musk

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Available Versions And Stunning Specs Of Tesla Model S P85D

Those namings are pretty logical. As the letter D stands for “dual motor”, the numbers express what kind of battery pack the car has. The 60D and 85D have exactly the same powertrain. The only difference is in the capacity of the battery pack — there are 60-kWh and 80-kWh battery packs available. The third option is a completely different story. It’s drastically more powerful. In fact, it’s so powerful that it makes the Tesla Model S a competitor of the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Of course, those two can’t be compared, since the Model S is an electric vehicle, but when it comes to the bare numbers, to the specs, the all-wheel drive Tesla Model S is even better. While the Charger SRT Hellcat needs 3.7 seconds to reach 60 mph, the Model S with all-wheel drive sprints to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. This result makes the Model S P85D one of the fastest production four-door sedans ever. For comparison, the 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 accelerates from standstill to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it? Of course, the Model S 60D and the Model S 85D are more modest, but this doesn’t mean that they have bad performance. The 60D needs 5.7 seconds, while the 85D needs 5.2 just seconds to reach 60 mph. So, what kind of powertrain this car has inside?

Power Output And Driving Range Of Dual-Motor Tesla Model S

While the 60D and 85D have two motors whose overall power output is 376 horsepower, the P85D’s powertrain delivers 691 horsepower. Its front motor has 221 horsepower and its rear motor has 470 horsepower. Contrary to the assumptions, the all-wheel drive feature actually increased the driving range of the EV. It’s not a dramatic improvement, since compared to the rear-wheel drive versions, the AWD Model S gained approximately 10 miles of autonomy, but in the world of electric vehicles every extra mile is a worthy achievement. With an average speed of 65 mph, the 60D can reach 225 miles, the 85D 295 miles and the P85D around 275 miles. As for the top speed, on the 60D’s speedometer you can’t see more than 125 mph, while the other two models can reach 155 mph.

Autopilot Driver-assistance System

The powertrain updates aren’t the only thing that’s new. As you probably remember, there was “something else” announced. Well, that “something else” is the Autopilot system. That’s a driver-assistance system which can make the highway ride pretty autonomous. The new units of the Tesla Model S will be equipped by sensors, radar and a camera. That’s the hardware, but the software will be updated in the future, enhancing the Autopilot’s features. With this system, the car will be able to detect speed-limit signs and surrounding vehicles in order to adjust its behavior on the road. According to Mr. Musk, the driver of the electric sedan won’t have to keep its hands on the wheel. If you want to change lanes, you’d just use the turn signal lever and the car will follow you instruction finding you a suitable place in the desired lane.

Dual-motor Tesla Model S Price

The first specimens of the Tesla Model S with two motors and all-wheel drive will be on the road in February next year. That’s when the deliveries will start. As for the price, the Tesla Model S 60D and the Tesla Model S 85D will be just $4,000 more expensive than the rear-wheel drive models with one motor. If you want the special Tesla Model S P85D, you’ll have to pay $14,600 more.

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