Buick Envision Crossover Next Fall In North America?

Great news for all the Buick fans: the new Envision will probably be released in the U.S. next year. There’s nothing official yet, but some recent reports said that there’s a great possibility that the Buick Envision finds its way to the American market. This model, primarily made for the Chinese market will, reportedly, be released in the U.S. sometime during the third quarter of 2015. The U.S.-spec Buick Envision will nest between the Encore and the Enclave and it will be just a perfect choice for a large group of Buick fans which find the Encore too small and the Enclave too big for their needs. The Buick Envision might be the golden mean of the Buick range, perfectly tailored for the most of the potential buyers. The style of the Buick Envision is very loyal to the general brand’s design language. It doesn’t diverge significantly, just in those elements which make the crossover distinctive. The crossover is based on the Buick Envision Concept, which was unveiled back in 2011. Of course, it doesn’t look exactly the same, but the new design language the concept brought is successfully implemented in the production Envision. Actually, thanks to the concept, the Buick Envision looks very appealing, modern and smooth.

Buick Envision Crossover Front Fascia

Powertrain Of Buick Envision: Engines, New Transmission & Revolutionary AWD

According to some reports, the Buick Envision will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which delivers 256 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of twist. The mill is expected to be paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox which will transmit the power to the all four wheels. The fact that the new Envision will have an all-wheel drive system which will be active all the time isn’t something strange. However, knowing that GM developed a completely new AWD which isn’t just superb in terms of the vehicle’s behavior, but it’s also extremely responsive and intelligent, the Buick Envision might make us look at the crossover from another standpoint. There is no doubt that this is a revolutionary crossover in whose production a lot of effort was put in. The six-speed automatic transmission is also new, making the Envision an exclusive specimen with the latest technology. Of course, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine won’t be the only one. Some of the other engine options are expected not just for the U.S. market. The U.S.-spec Buick Envision will probably get a V6 mill, which will be more powerful.

Buick Envision Exterior

Exterior And Style Of Buick Family Implemented In Envision

The crossover’s exterior resembles the body design of the Buick Enclave. The recognizable design language of the Buick family is used for the Envision, too. That’s why the crossover got the waterfall grille, which is one of the most distinctive details of the Buick models. There are also other design elements that make the compact SUV an Enclave’s look-alike: its xenon headlights and the LED daytime running lights reveal that the manufacturer is sure about the Enclave’s exterior. Of course, there’s no reason to doubt in the crossover’s design language. It’s very expressive, modern, a bit muscular and certainly attractive enough to be considered among the best within the market segment. The Envision’s sleek and elegant body is placed on 19-inch alloy wheels, which is a standard feature. The Buick Envision will be available in five colors: Pearl Black, Glacier Silver, Snowy White, Sky Purple and Topaz Brown.

Buick Envision Sunroof

Stylish And Beautiful Interior

As for the interior, that’s where the manufacturer had an opportunity to display its skill. There’s a lot of leather everywhere. The Envision’s cabin is spacious, luxurious and cozy. Experiencing the interior of the Buick Envision might make you think that you’re sitting in a mid-size crossover with a way higher price. For the people who like a very thought-out interior with highly-stylized design and a lot of space, there’s probably no other adequate option in the Envision’s price range. Equipped with a sunroof, the crossover will have airy feel inside the cabin. There are also various driver assist systems which make the ride more pleasant and enjoyable.

Buick Envision Interior

Will Buick Envision Be Released Next Fall In America?

It’s uncertain when the Buick Envision will be released in the U.S. Truth be told, it’s not a hundred percent certain that it will be distributed in America at all, but having in mind the great sales of the rest of the Buick lineup, there’s no reason to leave the Envision exclusively in China. The latest rumors, as we said, claim that the Envision will be released in the third quarter next year. Since the release date isn’t close, the pricing is unknown, but all the crossover’s new features could justify a price slightly higher than expected.

Photos: GMC

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