Buick Avenir Concept: Flagship of the Future

The Buick Avenir is yet another surprise unveiled at the 2015 NAIAS. Out of nowhere, the Avenir concept showed up at the Cobo Center in Detroit. Used as a hint of what we can expect in the near future, the Avenir concept suggests how the future premium sedan could look.

There’s a suitable symbolism in the car’s name, since the word Avenir is borrowed from French where it means ‘future’. Built using a bold and inspired take on the classic Buick style, the concept blends the brand’s conventional details and the modern design language.

Buick Avenir Concept 2015 Detroit Auto Show

© General Motors

It seems like everything about this car is appealing, but the most attractive detail is the new grille. Designed as a study, the new grille mixed the well-known thin slates and brave wing-shaped elements. At the center it has the three-color Buick emblem whose shields are in red, silver and blue again.

“The new grille is a modern interpretation of a design introduced on the landmark 1954 Wildcat II concept, which shattered expectations of what a Buick was supposed to be,” said  Michael Simcoe, vice president of design, GM International Operations. “On the Avenir, it represents a break from convention and progressiveness in technology.”

2015 Buick Avenir Concept

© General Motors

The unique face expression of the Buick Avenir concept is accomplished by two elegant, but aggressive LED headlights.

As for the rest of the body, the way how the Buick’s global design team shaped the concept is really impressive. The Avernir oozes power and elegance, but it’s not one of those boring luxury sedans.

Buick Avenir Detail

© General Motors

It seems that they’ve found a perfect balance between sporty and sophisticated approach. The sedan has 21-inch wheels that underline its powerful stance.

“It’s a sculpted design with a lot of snap in the character lines – with a classic long, low proportion,” said Simcoe. “Its length enables exceptional spaciousness inside, but just as importantly, a presence that speaks to luxury and the importance of style. In short, it’s the befitting proportion for a Buick flagship.”

Buick Avenir Concept Exterior

© General Motors

The Buick Avenir is assertive, but it has every reason to be. It’s based on the rear-wheel-drive Omega II platform that’s going to be used for the forthcoming Cadillac CT6. The luxury sedan is motivated by a direct-injected V6 mill which is mated with a nine-speed automatic transmission. As it was expected, the Buick Avenir comes with all-wheel drive.

Buick Avenir Interior

© General Motors

Inside the luxury sedan, they were “inspired by nature and sea waves receding on a beach.” Tastefully combined colors and premium materials proved once again that the Buick brand can compete with the most upscale luxury cars today.

“The use of color, material, form and amenities can affect a person’s mood and feeling,” said Liz Wetzel, Buick interior design director. “The Avenir is a showcase of thoughtful and modern design with the capacity to anticipate and facilitate the personal needs of its occupants. It’s absolutely its own getaway destination.”

Buick Avenir Rear Seats

© General Motors

The Avenir’s luxury four-seat cabin is loaded with technology. Needless to say, the car’s connectivity is remarkable, but even more remarkable might be a big 12-inch touchscreen where the next-gen Buick IntelliLink infotainment system is displayed. There are also some advanced features such as ionic air filtration and mobile device wireless charging.

Buick Avenir Concept Interior

© General Motors

Rear-seat passengers have their own screens and two USB ports. Of course, the Avenir has the OnStar 4G LTE system with Wi-Fi hotspot.

Buick Avenir Concept Rear

© General Motors

It’s a shame that the Buick Avenir is just a concept and, unfortunately, it will never become a production model. However, the automaker will, undoubtedly, use a lot of its solutions for the future models.

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