Brand New Scion Crossover Rumors — Lineup Expansion & Fresh Approach

Although there are no firm facts the automotive circles hope for the new Scion crossover. It’s not secret that the brand doesn’t perform well on the market. One of the possible solutions for Toyota, the manufacturer of the Scion vehicles, is expanding the market. The Scion brand was initially made for the North American market and it will probably stay like that, since the 2018 model year might bring a very pleasant surprise — a brand new crossover. Of course, the information about the new model is still modest, based on the rumors and speculations. It’s known that the brand won’t release any new models in the next several years, but the 2018 Scion crossover could be one of the aces up Toyota’s sleeve. Although it doesn’t look like something that can change the future of the brand, this particular model could actually significantly improve the brand’s image and sales, altering how the wider circles look at the brand. If they add yet another model within a market niche where they’ve never been before, the Scion brand could recover and possibly become more popular.

2013 Scion xB

Scion xB

Body, Platform & Size Of Scion Crossover

There’s almost nothing about this vehicle that’s known, but the expectations are that the crossover won’t be exactly an off-road vehicle, a powerful SUV capable of conquering the mountain tops. It will certainly have the same DNA as the rest of the lineup; it will be urban and hip, a bit unconventional and special, an interesting sight on the road. As for the size, the all-new Scion crossover will be based on the platform which underpins the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Auris. Naturally, the platform will be adjusted for the crossover. It’s questionable whether the crossover could ignore the progress and use the platform which is currently in use or they are going to develop a brand new platform — or, at least, a new generation — for the future Toyota and Scion models. They certainly won’t develop a platform just for the Scion crossover. Since it will probably be released during 2017, there’s still a lot of time for changes.

Possible Engine Options

Some reports said that this all-new compact CUV, a brand new addition to the Scion range, could even be released during 2016 as a 2017 model. If so, this vehicle could actually use the current platform. As you can see, there’s a lot of speculations and almost nothing is certain about this crossover. However, we’re almost sure that it’s going to have all-wheel drive. As for the powertrain, we expect that they go with Corolla’s engine or possibly several engine options. If they decide to follow the modern market trends, the crossover could even get the Toyota’s famous D-4D diesel engine.

Will There Be Scion Crossover At All?

It’s important to say that this crossover might never feel the road under its wheels. This is just a plan and although it seems pretty attractive, the people in charge of the Scion development will decide about the CUV’s future. It would certainly be a worthy addition to the Scion lineup, but we have to wait for more details or, at least, rumors about it.

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