Rumors About BMW Z1 and BMW Z3 — Can BMW Roadster Range Be Enhanced?

Despite the fact that BMW said nothing about possible resurrection of its famous Z-line roadsters, the Autoevolution report reasons why there’s a pretty big possibility that we get new Z-range models soon. Reportedly, since two Mini models were discontinued – the Coupe and the Roadster – the automaker will go with new BMW models to fill the gap in order to keep the market share the Mini models kept. Their trumps should be the new roadsters – the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z3. Of course, the BMW brand doesn’t share exactly the same demographic with Mini, but the new Z models should have a lot in common with the current Minis. According to the rumors, the new models won’t be offered only as roadsters. The expectations are that they offer sports coupe versions of the famous convertibles.

2013 BMW Z4 Roadster Exterior

2013 BMW Z4

Platforms and Drive

As for the potential features, the new BMW Z1 could get the UKL platform which currently underpins the Mini Roadster. Use of the UKL platform means that the Z1 could come with front-wheel drive. Although there are some speculations about the BMW Z3 which claim that it will also get front-wheel drive, it would probably be based on the all-new 35up platform. Therefore, it would probably have rear-wheel drive.

BMW Z4 Might Be Accompanied by BMW Z1 and BMW Z3

2013 BMW Z4

How Would BMW Z1 and BMW Z3 Look?

The new models — if they ever make them — will certainly inherit the lineup’s recognizable style. Long hood and classical roadster look will be kept, but the latest development of the brand’s design language will undoubtedly contribute to the overall feel in details. Both the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z3 will use the traditional aggressive design, but we can also expect some milder lines which would bring a tone of luxury. While roadster variants will have a distinctive roadster look, new coupes will probably have 2+2 seats and slightly different appearance. Naturally, their overall style won’t diverge from the established design language.

Expected Engine Options

The roadsters and coupes are expected to use various BMW engines. Reportedly, there will be versions with three-cylinder, four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. The most powerful, six-cylinder engines are expected to power the all-new model which will sit at the top of the range, the BMW Z5.


2013 BMW Z4

Is There Any Chance for BMW Z1 and BMW Z3 to Be Released?

Needless to say, there’s no official information about possible launch of the BMW Z1 and the BMW Z3. These speculations may be grounded, but there’s no indication that the automaker is really going to extend the Z range. Of course, the fact that there’s no confirmation doesn’t mean that the cars won’t be released at all. We’ll see how the things will develop.

Photos: BMW Group

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