New BMW Technology — What Is Remote Valet Parking Assistant?

At the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will be held in Las Vegas in January, BMW will present its new technologies focused on parking safety and convenience. They will use the BMW i3 where the systems will be installed. The advanced technology of tomorrow will be embodied in the high-end car in two systems which will be very helpful in busy parking garages.

The first one is 360-degree collision avoidance system. The automaker has placed four laser scanners which will provide useful input data about the BMW i3’s surroundings. The system is able to recognize and understand the car’s environment, so it will automatically brake if the car is going to hit an obstacle. However, if the driver manages to steer on time to avoid collision, the system will release the brakes. Having in mind that maneuvering in tight and low-visibility situations is very hard, this feature makes the driver count on its reliability and relax while roaming in public parking garages without anxiety about possible collisions. Of course, the driver can always override the system.

BMW i3 Remote Valet Assistance

Remote Valet Parking Assistant System

The other new feature is even more advanced. Recently, there were numerous reports about future autonomous cars and Munich has its reply. Thanks to the new system, the BMW i3 at the 2015 CES will be able to park itself. The Remote Valet Parking Assistant is a system which is able to automatically park the car without the driver. The best way to illustrate how advanced this system is, is to say that the car equipped with this feature can be autonomously parked in multi-storey car parks. It uses the data gathered by the aforementioned lasers and the digital plan of the car park.

Remote Valet Assistant Smartwatch

Remote Valet Parking Assistant Smartwatch

In case the driver activates the Remote Valet Parking Assistant using the Smartwatch, the car will go in the car park, park and lock itself, shut down, and wait for the driver’s signal via the Smartwatch. When it gets the signal, it will calculate how much time the driver needs to arrive at the car park and it will show up at the exit in the same time as the driver.


Photos: BMW Group

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