BMW Lighting Innovations at 2015 CES

Aside from the Remote Valet Parking Assistant technology BMW will introduce something more on the upcoming 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to the press release, the Bavarian automaker will show its innovations regarding the lighting technology.

The 2015 CES will host the presentation of the BMW Laserlight technology. It was introduced with the production BMW i8. The i8 is a production model, but it’s still pretty exotic, so the BMW Laserlight technology presentation will be a sort of debut.

BMW Organic Light OLED

Laser Headlights – Sounds Cool, but How Good Is It?

What’s so revolutionary about the BMW Laserlight? Well, according to the automaker, the new technology differs in range and intensity: at up to 600 meters (656 yards) the range of the lighting is better more than twice in comparison with ordinary headlights. The BMW Laserlight can be connected to a wide array of systems (cameras, sensors and driver assistance systems), providing new advanced functions.

BMW OLED Technology

BMW Organic Light Taillights

They will also introduce their OLED taillight technology introduced with the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept. The OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) which come with the BMW Organic Light are better than conventional LEDs because they can provide a solid light across the entire surface where they’re located.

Since the basic elements are 1.4 millimeters thick and they can be activated separately, the new OLED system comes with great possibilities. Virtually, it can display any desired layout, which will certainly bring to new attractive taillight design solutions in the near future.

The 2015 NAIAS, but this is an exciting overture.

Photos: BMW Group

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