Audi Electric Crossover to Be Launched in 2017?

The latest news is that Audi is going to develop an upscale electric crossover which will compete against the Tesla Model X. This can be interpreted from what Audi CEO, Mr. Rupert Stadler, said to Bloomberg. Although it’s still early to make credible assumptions, we know that the upcoming model will probably be released sometime during 2017. The expanding luxury green car market is probably the reason why the Ingolstadt-based automaker considers that manufacturing an all-new electric crossover is a viable business project.

Since the Tesla brand is a synonym for high-end luxury electric vehicles, it’s unquestionable that the new Audi electric crossover has to win its chunk of the market by offering remarkable features. Tesla is a well-established brand, but Audi’s research and development efforts should result in manufacturing a competitive rival to the Model X.

Audi Electric Crossover Speculations

Audi TT Offroad Concept

At the moment, no can say more about probable technical specs of the upcoming electric Audi crossover, but the mere fact that there will be yet another luxury EV on the market is going to be pretty refreshing and that could be enough to motivate some of the customers to diverge from Tesla vehicles.

How Would New Audi Electric Crossover Be Received?

The Audi EV crossover will be a really attractive green alternative to the fuel-consuming luxurious SUVs. Having more and more strict emission regulations and constant technology advancement, sales of all-electric vehicles are expected to have a significant growth in every market segment. Luxurious market niche won’t be an exception, but until now it was mostly reserved for Tesla models. Having a popular and reliable German brand as a competitor – and Audi probably won’t be the only one – might force Tesla to create even better cars.

Audi Electric Crossover Specs

There’s no doubt that Audi will release a superb electric SUV which will be able to tackle the most advanced rivals. If the early rumors are true, it’s going to have a remarkable driving range (370 miles approximately) and really high power output.

However, we have to wait for more elaborate information to complete the image about the new Audi electric crossover.

Photos: Audi

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