Audi A9 Concept Teased Before L.A. Auto Show Premiere

The upcoming 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show will host the premiere of the Audi A9 Concept, a brand new grand four-door coupe. Audi models always had a lot of luggage, inheriting the previous generations’ style and design language. Although the current models look attractive and modern, the automotive public still has an impression that the brand needs a revolutionary redesign. This isn’t just about appearance of the new models; it’s a symbolic gesture which will declare that the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer is keen to rush into the future with more pep and courage. The new Audi A9 Concept, which can become a flagship model for the Audi cars lineup, is just what they needed. New head of design, Mr. Marc Lichte, the man behind the exterior design of the fabulous VW Scirocco, brought a sporty style which won’t neglect the traditional elements of the Audi design language. The concept, which will be unveiled at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, is just the very first specimen that’s going to reveal the future design language. The new design language will be used for the most of the upcoming Audi models.

Audi A9 Concept Teaser Photo

MLB Evo Platform Underpins Audi A9 Concept

The basic architecture used for the concept is the same one prepared for the next generation of the Audi A8. The new MLB Evo platform is a very advanced piece of engineering. Thanks to its lightweight materials, it’s going to provide great performance for all the future models. The body design, on the other hand, is still secret, but the teaser photo they released reveals that the Audi A9 Concept may be somewhat different from what we’re accustomed to. The most of the enthusiasts expected the A9 Concept to be an elegant, yet powerful, sedan with sporty lines and more aggressive details. It supposed to be a fashionable and powerful car which will sit at the top of the lineup. Now it seems that the concept is going to be somewhat different.

Audi A9 Concept Characteristics

The teaser picture revealed that the Audi A9 Concept will probably have a shooting-brake body style. This radical turn may be considered as something unconventional, but once it appears, the Audi A9 Concept will probably be so brilliant that everyone would forget that it isn’t a full-size sedan. After all, the Audi Shooting Brake Concept from 2005 proved that they know how to make a sporty, dynamic and powerful-looking car. This particular body style might not be as elegant as a conventional sedan style shaped with a lot of smooth lines, but its power and elegance should originate from its size, luxury and body curves. Reportedly, the Audi A9 Concept is more than 200 inches long. It’s certain that the Audi A9 Concept (and probably the new production model) will be much sportier, more aggressive and more bold. Having an all-new vehicle to exercise their freshly developed design language is a great opportunity. The manufacturer will probably make this shooting-brake car flawless, since this could be one of the most important milestones in the automaker’s history. They took the risk and this might be the best decision they made in this century so far.

New Design Language And Its Application

Knowing that the new design language will probably be used for the first time at the new-generation Audi A8, we won’t be forced to wait for the possible Audi A9 production version to see the revolution in motion. The future Audi A8 is scheduled for 2016, so we need just a little bit more patience, but first, let them unveil the Audi A9 Concept.

Source: Auto & Design Magazine

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