The Name’s DB10. Aston Martin DB10.

The upcoming 24th movie about James Bond’s adventures, the Spectre, which is scheduled for November 2015, will feature a special edition of Aston Martin DB10. Unfortunately, the only person which will enjoy in this beautiful car will be Mr. Bond himself. The automaker confirmed that there won’t be a production version. They made only ten units which are going to be used for filming. This isn’t just a dummy car made for the set. They’ve worked closely with the people who are producing the movie in order to make something special. This amazing performance coupe was made with a purpose, but it’s also a way to celebrate 50 years of companionship between the Aston Martin brand and the world’s most popular spy.

Aston Martin DB10 Coupe

Aston Martin DB10 Appearance

Unfortunately, they haven’t released any details about the DB10, so we don’t know what kind of powertrain it has, but it’s clear that its appearance isn’t something we can see every day. The Aston Martin DB10 made a sudden design turn and it abandoned the brand’s distinctive design language.

Of course, this is still an Aston Martin. It’s an elegant and luxurious sports coupe. We don’t know anything about its powertrain, but its appearance is good enough to leave us speechless. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so the DB10 has the brand’s recognizable grille. However, it’s sportier than the other models, with more assertive appearance and sharper lines. Its big wheels, distinctive fender vents make the Aston Martin DB10 look very striking. In spite of a revolutionary design turn, the coupe does have the same DNA as the DB9.

Will Aston Martin DB10 Be Used as a Model for DB9 Replacement?

Does this mean that the next generation which will replace the DB9 might be based on the Bond’s car? Well, it will probably use the same design language, but the DB10 badge will remain reserved for the movie version.

Source: Aston Martin

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