2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Flagship Rendered

What if Mercedes-AMG decided to enter one of the most attractive market segments? It’s not unreasonable to assume that they’re working on a halo hybrid hypercar as we speak. Thanks to our friends at TopSpeed we’re able to get an idea of how the all-new 2020 Mercedes-AMG hypercar might appear. The information about the possible top-notch model is extremely scarce, so the talented artist David Kiss had very limited options. However, he managed to create a beautiful artwork which depicts the possible exterior of the 2020 Mercedes-AMG hypercar.

As you’ve probably noticed, the hypercar hasn’t been confirmed yet and we don’t know whether they’re going to make it at all. The speculations about the 918 Spyder rival started when Motor Trend published an article about the possibility that AMG would create such a stunner. All the hints they got from Mr. Tobias Moers, AMG CEO, point towards the hypercar outcome.

2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Render

2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Render | David Kiss for TopSpeed

2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Rendering

The rendering is actually an amalgam of three Mercedes models: the AMG GT, the SLS Black Series and the Vision Grand Turismo concept. It’s really strange that a mid-engine hybrid supercar has some distinctive Mercedes-Benz details and such a sporty look, but it looks really great.  Perhaps the precise exterior design of the production model won’t be exactly like this, but we’re sure that they can’t significantly diverge from the overall body shape. And truth be told, it would be really hard to create a better looking front fascia than this one.

AMG’s Definition of Flagship Powertrain

Since there’s nothing official about this car yet, we can’t say anything reliable regarding the drivetrain. The rumors are that the 2020 Mercedes-AMG hypercar is going to use a 4.0-liter bi-turbo engine, the same one that powers the Mercedes-AMG GT S, but instead of the current 503-hp output, the hypercar’s engine version could have about 650 or even 700 horsepower.

The powerful four-liter engine is probably going to be combined with a couple of electric motors mounted on the front wheels. This move would provide additional 300 horsepower. If you do the math, this means that the 2020 Mercedes-AMG hypercar would come with approximately 1,000 horsepower, give or take a hundred.

The Mercedes-AMG flagship will undoubtedly be loaded with technology. Luxury and indulgence will probably be extremely important points, but the performance is something that’s above all. The lightweight body and the 1,000-horsepower drivetrain will be enough for the hypercar to reach 60 mph from a standstill in less than 3 seconds.

2020 Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Price

Naturally, something like this comes with a price. The TopSpeed report estimates that the 2020 Mercedes-AMG hypercar would cost about $850,000.

Source: TopSpeed

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