2019 Sequoia Redesign News: Elaborate Changes

In order to beat the competition within the crowded market segment, Toyota is going to introduce the redesigned all-new 2019 Sequoia. The full-size SUV can be considered a rather popular vehicle, having in mind that its sales figures are pretty modest (12,583 units in 2015). According to some rumors, with a plan to utilize the SUV’s name, the automaker is going to release the 2019 Toyota Sequoia with everything new except the moniker.

Brand New Chassis Will Be Used Not Just on Tundra

It’s true that there’s no official statement about the 2019 Sequoia redesign details, but it’s known that the redesign is going to be extremely elaborate. Thanks to the radical approach, the SUV is going to get a new platform – probably the same chassis they’re going to use for the 2018 Tundra. The new chassis should provide better underpinning, but in comparison with the current architecture, it’s going to be lighter as well.

2019 Toyota Sequoia Redesign full-size SUV

2019 Sequoia Exterior Redesign: More Assertive Body Design

As far as we know, the SUV’s exterior is going to follow the recent brand’s design language. This implies that the new Sequoia might borrow some styling cues from its smaller cousins, but there’s no doubt it’s going to have its own recognizable feel no matter how generic the body design is going to be. With a large chrome grille, augmented front bumper and a pair of sexy LED headlights, the next-gen Sequoia is going to ooze power and confidence.

2019 Sequoia SUV Redesign

New Interior and Technology

Since the total redesign must bring substantial changes in all departments, our estimation is that they’re going to make the SUV’s interior more comfortable and cozier than ever before. Although we don’t know anything about it yet, we can say with certainty that the 2019 Sequoia is going to be loaded with the latest driver assistance and infotainment technology. Safety is going to be improved as well.

2019 Sequoia Exterior Redesign

2019 Sequoia Engine Lineup: New V6 & Updated V8

The 2019 Toyota Sequoia, as an aspirant to the highest position within the full-size SUV market segment, simply must have better driving characteristics. In order to achieve that, they’re going to improve the current 5.7-liter V8 engine and to introduce an all-new V6 mill.

2019 Toyota Sequoia V8 Engine

Currently, the V8 engine delivers 381 horsepower, but after the update, it’s expected to generate 389 horsepower and 403 lb-ft of torque. The rumors say that the new 3.5-liter V6 is going to be rated around 300 horsepower. Without any doubt, the new Sequoia engines will be more efficient. Along with the substantial body changes, the next generation of the famous SUV probably won’t have any problems in reaching the projected EPA fuel economy rating.

2019 Sequoia Interior Dashboard

Transmission & Drive

The engines will be mated with a new six-speed automatic transmission that should improve the SUV’s efficiency and make the ride smoother.

While the new Sequoia is going to have standard rear-wheel drive, its off-road passion can be released via optional all-wheel drive.

2019 Toyota Sequoia Update Changes

Next-Gen Sequoia Release

Although there were some speculations about the SUV’s release, the truth is nobody knows Toyota’s plans. It’s been speculated that the next-gen Sequoia is going to be released in 2019 as a 2020 model, but the latest rumors said that the 2019 model year is a more realistic option.

Photos: Current Toyota Sequoia | Toyota Motor Sales, USA

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