2018 VW Pheaton Rumors & Expectations

Since there were numerous speculations about the possibility that the new Pheaton finds its way to the market, all the fans of this full-size sedan will be delighted to finally learn that the 2018 Volkswagen Pheaton will be available in the U.S. The manufacturer decided to make the sedan attractive since the particular segment where the 2018 Pheaton is going to compete is loaded with great cars. Made with a touch of sophistication and luxury, this car will certainly justify its price which is estimated at $70,000, but its performance will also be amazing. The sedan is expected to have a very diverse engine lineup, where you can find gasoline and diesel mills, but there will also be a hybrid powertrain available. The engines installed in the 2018 VW Pheaton will deliver what’s expected, since the sedan craves for hundreds of horsepower. Of course, there’s a lot of time until the release of the 2018 Pheaton, so the information about its powertrain is vague and incomplete, but some of the details are already known. The 2018 VW Pheaton is a flagship sedan whose every aspect has to be impressive, because it doesn’t just compete for its chunk of the market; in a way it represents the whole lineup of Volkswagen sedans and the manufacturer.

2018 VW Pheaton Sedan

Appearance And Style

The appearance of the 2018 Pheaton will be made for the future. The automaker had to anticipate the design of the future cars, because the new Pheaton is going to be released in about three years and to look attractive for some time. The Volkswagen general design language, their distinctive styling cues and recognizable design elements will probably find their way to the sedan, but expect the Pheaton prancing with very avant garde sleek body design. The exterior will certainly be very dynamic and sporty, but the most dominant impressions will probably be elegance and power.

2018 VW Pheaton Interior

MLB Evo Platform

The 2018 VW Pheaton will be built on the MLB Evo platform, the underpinning which is already used for a number of other vehicles, mostly Audi models. The platform will provide better performance and less weight thanks to the use of aluminum and high-strength steel.

2018 VW Pheaton Engine Options

The aforementioned diverse engine lineup will probably be the most important upside of the new Pheaton. Currently, it’s a well-kept secret for the automotive public. However, there are some rumors which will probably turn out to be true. The 2018 VW Pheaton will, as we already said, have gas, diesel and hybrid powertrains. All the sedan’s engine options will be powerful and perhaps a bit intimidating. It’s speculated that the 2018 VW Pheaton will have a V8 TDI diesel engine whose power output will be around 450 horsepower. A car like this deserves a powerful mill under the hood and somehow a luxury sedan and a powerful engine seem like a perfect match, but there’s a more green and fuel-efficient powertrain. The 2018 VW Pheaton Hybrid will, reportedly, have a 3.0-liter V6 engine delivering 333 horsepower paired with an electric motor which generates 95 horsepower. It’s obvious that even the hybrid powertrain will be very powerful, so the specs should be impressive. According to some rumors, the most powerful engine option which will come with the 2018 Volkswagen Pheaton will be a W12 mill whose power output wasn’t specified, but it could stay over the pond. It isn’t known which engine will be the most powerful gasoline option in the U.S. The 2018 Pheaton will have front-wheel drive, but the U.S.-spec version will be all-wheel drive only, according to some sources.

2018 VW Pheaton Rear

2018 VW Pheaton Release & Estimated Price

The 2018 VW Pheaton won’t be available soon. It’s expected that they release it during 2017 as a 2018 model. Therefore, the price estimation isn’t precise and basically it’s just as an assumption, but still it estimated at $70,000.

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