2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV Announced — What Do You Think?

The announced 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV is going to be refreshment and a worthy addition of the automaker’s Golf range. Since the automaker has plans to expand the Golf lineup, the all-new SUV will probably be one of the most desired versions of the famous moniker. The mere fact that there’s going to be a Golf SUV seems a bit strange. We’re used to a hatchback and a wagon body types, but the people at Volkswagen are bold and not so conservative, which is great. The 2018 VW Golf SUV will be a part of the next generation which should express the new approach and use the latest engineering they’ve developed. If you think that it’s going to be something like the Golf Alltrack, you’re wrong. The 2016 Golf SUV will be much more off-road oriented; it’s going to be a complete and genuine SUV. However, the automotive public expects that they’re going to nest it just below the Tiguan. So, using our imagination, we can conclude that the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV probably won’t be a powerful beast with great off-road abilities. It would rather stay on the roads, but it will be much more competent than the Alltrack.

Could 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV Look Like This

VW T-ROC Concept

2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV Design, Style and Platform

The new 2018 VW Golf SUV will be distributed on numerous markets. Some reports said that it’s going to be available worldwide. That will force the automaker to manufacture a vehicle suitable for various markets, tastes and driving conditions. Reportedly, there will be two versions. The Euro-spec version will get somewhat shorter wheelbase, while the U.S.-spec 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV will have longer wheelbase. As for the looks, the new SUV will probably use the design of the Golf hatchback. There’s no doubt that it could look great, but we have to wait for the first concept in order to find out how attractive it’s going to be. The fact that the SUV will be offered in two different wheelbase versions indicates that the 2018 VW Golf SUV will probably be built on the new MQB platform, shared with the new-gen Golf hatchback.

T-ROC Concept Exterior

VW T-ROC Concept

Possible Engine Options – Gasoline, Diesel and Hybrid

As for the drivetrain, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV will have various options because it’s going to be available on numerous markets. The expectations are that the crossover will come with a 1.8-liter TSI gasoline and a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine option. Also, there are speculations about a hybrid powertrain. If they decide to manufacture the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV Hybrid, it’s probably going to use a 150-horsepower 1.4-liter TSI gasoline engine paired with an electric motor as the essence of the plug-in hybrid setup. Of course, the engines will have the Bluemotion technology that will improve their fuel efficiency. Everything about the SUV is still secret, but it’s been speculated that they’re going to install a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission as standard, while the U.S.-spec version might get the latest 10-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission.

Will T-ROC Concept Be Base For 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV

VW T-ROC Concept

2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV Release

According to some early reports, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SUV will be released during 2018. It might come a bit earlier, since we expect the production version to be introduced sometime in 2017. It will be released almost simultaneously with the Golf hatchback, so the release date of the SUV depends on the development of its hatch sibling. It’s going to be more affordable than the upscale Volkswagen SUVs, but do you think this vehicle is going to outshine the other brand’s SUVs and crossovers?

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