2018 Tesla Roadster Big Comeback

The very first electric vehicle that Tesla released was the famous Roadster. Now, the manufacturer is planning to revive this car with new engineering and technology, which will grant incredible performance. The 2018 Tesla Roadster will inherit the feel and the spirit of the initial Roadster, which was introduced to the market back in 2008 and it was sold in over 2400 units until 2012, when they discontinued it. There’s no sufficient information about the next generation of this car, but what’s known so far is really amazing. The 2018 Roadster is expected to arrive with significantly longer drive range in comparison with the first generation’s drive range. Of course, the design will be changed in order to be suitable for the current moment in the automotive design, but some basic cues are expected to be kept as a reminder and a celebration of the very first Tesla’s production car.

2018 Tesla Roadster EV

First Generation Specs

The previous generation of the Roadster was very popular back then. With its incredible features and really impressive specs, this EV was considered as a masterpiece of the modern automotive engineering and a window to the future, where green performance cars are possible. Naturally, at this moment, it’s hard to see the first generation of the Roadster in all its brilliance, since its specs aren’t that impressive to the advanced technology. It had an electric motor which collaborated with a 53-kWh battery in order to deliver 248 horsepower and 211 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Tesla Roadster Changes

2018 Tesla Roadster Drive Range

The 2018 Tesla Roadster will certainly have better powertrain, so we can expect that it hits the market with a boosted power output, but what’s at the top of the priorities list of an EV is its drive range. Although the first generation was pretty generous with a drive range over 200 miles, the 2018 Roadster will make it almost double. It’s true that there’s no reliable information about the 2018 Tesla Roadster, but the rumors say that this EV will have a drive range between 300 and 400 miles.

Performance Improvements

Also, the new generation is expected to be better in other performance aspects. Thanks to the body changes, the basic architecture of the 2018 Roadster will be improved, but at the same time it will lose some weight. Decreased weight and a new powertrain, which will probably be a pair of electric motors delivering their power to all four wheels, will be able to make the 2018 Tesla Roadster a performance car, whose electric powertrain couldn’t be considered as a downside, when compared to the conventional performance roadsters. The manufacturer is mysterious, but they announced the 2018 Roadster as a really stunning EV, which will shock us all. Having in mind what they did with the first generation, which sprints from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds, the 2018 model year will probably be stunning enough to cause the same sparkle as its predecessor.

2018 Tesla Roadster Release And Estimated Price

The first generation was sold in a limited number of countries. The 2018 Tesla Roadster EV will be available worldwide. Bearing in mind how the other Tesla vehicles were released, it’s really hard to estimate when the next generation of the Roadster will be available, but it should be released by the end of 2017 as a 2018 model. As for the price, there’s no reliable information about it, but some sources believe that the 2018 Roadster could cost over $150,000.

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