2017 Subaru SVX Hybrid Performance Two-door Coupe

Back in the last decade of the 20th century the Subaru SVX was a very popular car. It was discontinued in 1997, but now the manufacturer decided to resurrect this moniker using the contemporary technology. The 2017 Subaru SVX will use the heritage of its famous predecessor, but aside from the body type, it won’t have a lot in common. The new SVX will be stunning. It will look like no other Subaru vehicle ever. It will be powerful, it’ll be striking and astonishing. After all, this car is coming with an amazing luxury level and surprisingly powerful hybrid setup. The 2017 SVX is made with the U.S. market as a premise and superb performance as an imperative. Since this is a two-door coupe, this isn’t a car for everyone, but true automotive enthusiasts and passionate performance car lovers might consider getting a new hybrid instead of their conventional coupes. Currently, we don’t know everything about the 2017 Subaru SVX. It should be released by the end of 2016 as a 2017 model, so there’s a lot of time until this car hits the showrooms, but we’re familiar with its basic features. The 2017 SVX might be just what the manufacturer needed to sit at the throne of their lineup and what the U.S. market needed, because this type of vehicle isn’t very common and it can be a pretty attractive choice.

2017 Subaru SVX Teaser

2017 Subaru SVX Design And Appearance

The 2017 Subaru SVX will have, as we already said, impressive features. It will be built on the Subaru Global Platform, which is a very modern architecture that provides great underpinning using lightweight materials. This will affect the performance of the 2017 SVX. As for the appearance, the new SVX will have a unique exterior, designed to impress. Reportedly, the exterior will be based on the Viziv 2 Concept, which was introduced as the model whose style will be used for the future Subaru cars. Of course, the 2017 SVX will be more sporty. Its exterior will be more aggressive and striking. If the rumors about its appearance were true, the coupe will have a lot of chrome and a really unconventional front fascia. All the features of the revolutionary exterior will be contribute to the aerodynamics of this car, since every single aspect has to be just perfect in order to make this car a really top-notch hybrid performance coupe.

2017 Subaru SVX Predecessor

Hybrid Powertrain Specs

The hybrid setup which will power the 2017 Subaru SVX will have a 3.3-liter direct-injected flat-six engine and an electric part whose specific characteristic aren’t known at the moment. However, it’s known that the manufacturer will make the electric part of the hybrid powertrain in cooperation with engineers of the Toyota’s premium brand, Lexus. Overall power output of the SVX’s hybrid powertrain will be around 375 horsepower. As for the drive, the 2017 SVX will be equipped with the Subaru 4WD. Some estimates claim that the coupe will have its top speed limited to 175 mph and it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 4.5 seconds. The electric part of the hybrid powertrain will be crucial, since the main competitor of this car will be the Tesla Model S. If the battery pack and an electric motor installed in the 2017 Subaru SVX are good enough, this coupe could get just enough drive range to outshine the Model S.

2017 Subaru SVX Release

The 2017 Subaru SVX might be released by the end of 2016, but it could hit the showrooms even sometime in 2017. Whenever they make this car available, its performance, style and technology will certainly promote it to the circles of the most exclusive hybrid cars.

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