2017 Lincoln Navigator Rumors & Changes

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will probably come by the end of 2016. The updated version which was recently released will be on the market until the redesigned Navigator is released. The new Navigator will come completely redesigned, as a new generation of this SUV. The current generation was introduced back in 2007, so all the updates kept it current, but the brand new approach will make this popular SUV even more desirable. If the announcements about the 2017 Lincoln Navigator are true, it will be made by a new technology, using a lot of lightweight materials and with special care to the vehicle’s weight. Therefore, the 2017 Navigator will, probably come lighter, but with better underpinning and characteristics. We don’t know how the new generation will look, but we may expect better fuel economy and improved performance, since the bodyweight of the 2017 Navigator isn’t the only thing that will be improved. Reportedly, everything will be changed, so the powertrain won’t be an exception.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Front

2017 Lincoln Navigator Redesign

The body changes will start with weight reduction, but that’s no all. The 2017 Navigator is coming with a brand new exterior design. At this point, no one could say how it will look. However, there are some rumors about using some of the design solutions from the MKX concept. There’s no doubt that the 2017 version will heavily rely on the current model. Trying to keep the distinctive Navigator’s design, the 2017 Navigator will use some recognizable styling cues, but at the same time, it will be designed with a contemporary approach and new design language. The new appearance will also improve the EPA fuel economy results, due to the fact that it’s expected to be more aerodynamic than the current one. The redesign will be elaborate and radical, but it will keep the feel of the Navigator’s heritage. Of course, in order to compete within its very harsh market niche, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is expected to be equipped with a lot of technology and a higher level of luxury.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Side

Powertrain Changes: Transmission, Hybrid & V6 EcoBoost Improvements

As for the powertrain, the most noticeable change at the moment is the new 10-speed automatic transmission developed by Ford. This gearbox will probably not only improve Navigator’s fuel efficiency, but it will also make the ride smoother and more comfortable. According to some rumors, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is expected to come with a hybrid powertrain, which will probably have a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost and an electric motor. There are speculations that the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 will be carried over and kept as an engine option. Currently, this mill generates 370 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of twist. If they boost it a little bit, it will behave drastically better under the hood of the next generation, since the body will be lighter than before, so there’s a lot of space for performance and fuel efficiency improvements. Reportedly, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have rear-wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive as an option.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Expected Release Date

This full-size SUV is, as we already said, expected by the end of 2016. However, this isn’t a reliable information, since there’s a lot of time until the release and a lot of things can be changed. Because the Navigator’s release is still in the relatively distant future, it’s impossible to estimate when exactly this SUV will hit the showrooms. Whenever it becomes available, it’s sure that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be one of the key players on the luxury SUV market.

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