2017 Lexus SC Based on Lexus LF-LC? Can We Get New Flagship Hybrid Coupe?

It seems that the Lexus LF-LC Sports Coupe will get its production iteration. Since the automaker saw the car’s potential, it could be renamed and launched as a new flagship car. There is no official confirmation about it yet, but there’s a great probability that the plan will be accomplished. It’s likely that the production version will be called the 2017 Lexus SC. Although the moniker was previously used by the car that has been discontinued back in 2010, the new SC will be remarkably different. The new supercar should replace the Lexus LFA at the throne of the Lexus cars. While the LFA was a striking car, the 2017 Lexus SC will be even more impressive. Based on the LF-LC Sport Coupe concept, the new production 2+2 coupe will have advanced engineering and a superb powertrain hidden in the lightweight beautiful body. Of course, we can’t expect every single feature seen at the concept to be inherited by the production 2017 SC coupe, but a lot of those will probably be kept.

Lexus LF-LC Sport Coupe Concept

Lexus LF-LC Sport Coupe Concept

Powertrain and Specs

There’s no doubt that the 2017 Lexus SC will be a hybrid. Its powertrain is expected to have a powerful V8 engine and an electric motor. Although the rumors about its power output aren’t so encouraging, since they said that the supercar’s hybrid setup will probably be rated at around 500 horsepower, we should bear in mind that the body and the aerodynamics will probably provide impressive specs. But, will the hybrid coupe’s performance be good enough? We all know that there are more powerful cars, but manufacturing a halo car isn’t only about robust and bare power. Its performance will be influenced by its rear-wheel drive, its lightweight aerodynamic body, its suspension, brakes, handling, and, after all, its overall feel. With all the features, such as the lightweight seats, racing steering wheel, advanced technology and gadgets, and the superb hybrid powertrain, the new flagship coupe probably won’t fall behind the other supercars. In fact, the 2017 Lexus SC will undoubtedly be something to remember.

2017 Lexus SC Release

If they decide to use the Lexus LF-LC Sports Coupe as a base for the new flagship, the production 2017 Lexus SC could be launched by the end of 2016. The price can’t be estimated, but it’s sure that the car won’t be affordable for everyone.

Photos: Lexus

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