2016 Mercedes GT AMG Specs And Features

The 2016 Mercedes GT AMG comes to replace the Mercedes-Benz SLS. Since the manufacturer decided to discontinue the SLS and replace it by a new 2016 GT AMG, this new model simply has to be stunning to justify such an extraordinary move. It’s important to note that the SLS won’t be exactly discontinued, since the 2016 GT AMG will practically be its successor. This car’s moniker doesn’t include the full Mercedes-Benz name. Without the Benz part, it already announces how special it is. This high-performance specimen of the famous German engineering will be introduced this fall at the Paris Auto Show and we expect it to be released in the first quarter of the next year. The 2016 Mercedes GT AMG will be powered by a turbocharged V-8 engine, which will provide impressive specs. As for the exterior, this car won’t drastically stand out when placed next to its predecessors, since it will inherit a lot of design cues already seen at the previous models.


2016 Mercedes GT AMG Exterior Design

It’s true that the design of the 2016 Mercedes GT AMG is still unknown, but according to the available data, we can assume that it won’t diverge from the already established design language. Although it has a different name, it will borrow a lot of style from its predecessor, the Mercedes-Benz SLS as well as the E63 AMG. There are some reports which said that the 2016 GT AMG will be more compact, although the overall exterior appearance won’t be so much different. Of course, we have to wait to determine whether some of those speculations were grounded or not, but the most basic news, that this car’s design won’t be completely reinvented. However, at this point it is known that this car will have less than 3,300 pounds, so it will be around 300 pounds lighter. The new aluminum and high-strength steel architecture will, aside from the weight loss, provide improved strength, which would improve performance.


2016 Mercedes GT AMG V-8 Engine

The 2016 Mercedes GT AMG will be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 engine, which delivers 485 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. This car will have a rear-wheel drive with a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic gearbox. Since there are both the S and the Black Series trims announced, it’s possible that this car comes with an even more powerful engine. Some sources say that this more powerful unit could generate more than 600 horsepower.

2016 Mercedes GT AMG Release Date And Estimated Price

Like we already said, the 2016 Mercedes GT AMG will be introduced this fall, and it is expected to be released next year as a 2016 model. As for the price, it’s not known yet, but some estimations are around $115,000 for the base version.


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