2016 Kia GT Four-Door Coupe Features

The four-door coupe concept, which was initially introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in 2011, will be released as a production model. The 2016 Kia GT will bring an additional flair to the Kia’s palette. With roadster body shape and beautifully sculpted exterior, the 2016 Kia GT should tackle the German competitors in the particular market niche. According to some rumors they will install gas, diesel and hybrid powertrains, which depicts the manufacturer’s dedication to this model’s success. Until this information was known, the GT was just a good-looking concept, but now, when they actually have some plans for this car, the automotive public realized that things started getting serious. The 2016 Kia GT isn’t just a handsome roadster, it’s a Kia’s way of saying that their luxury sedan offensive isn’t the only front where they want to engage in the market battle. Of course, the 2016 Kia GT probably wouldn’t look much like the GT concept, since production versions are always more timid, conservative and less imaginative, but we hope that they will use the concept’s design language in order to manufacture an attractive extraordinary four-door coupe.

2016 Kia GT

2016 Kia GT Exterior — How Much Production Kia GT Will Inherit From GT Concept?

We should be honest and admit that, no matter how much we like the coupe, its design is too avant-garde. The company has to take care of sales and therefore they have to tame the wild unhampered design of the GT concept. However, the production 2016 Kia GT will probably inherit the overall body shape. That feature is the most important for the sleek and powerful appearance of the 2016 Kia GT. Of course, it would be great if other design details seen at the concept find their way to the production version. The futuristic front fascia with a distinctive tiger-nose grille and really extraordinary air intakes will probably be changed. If they decide to keep the basic anatomy which makes the concept so good looking, the front fascia might suffer just a slight change. Unfortunately, we don’t know all the downgrades of the concept’s appearance, but we hope that they will be modest. We’d like to see those big wheels on the production version, too. Thanks to the fluid design, the concept looks more powerful and dynamic. This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the design language which should be inherited. The production GT will certainly look dynamic and powerful, but it could lose a bit of the concept’s grace and elegance.

2016 Kia GT side

Gas, Diesel And Hybrid Powertrains

The 2016 Kia GT comes with gas, diesel and hybrid powertrains, as we already said. It’s still secret what kind of diesel and hybrid powertrains will be installed in the 2016 GT, but thanks to the concept, there are some estimates regarding the gas engine. Since the GT concept had a 3.3-liter V6 engine under its hood, this 390-horsepower mill could be a perfect match for the production version, but according to some reports, the actual engine will be less powerful. Reportedly, there will be a turbocharged inline-four which would be able to deliver around 200 horsepower. Although the concept had rear-wheel drive, the production GT will come with a front-wheel drive. As for the transmission, there will probably be an eight-speed automatic gearbox installed.

2016 Kia GT Release Date

All we know at this point is that the 2016 Kia GT release date will be sometime during 2015. It’s sure that it will be introduced at some of the most prominent car shows next year. As for the price, it’s impossible to estimate how much this all-new four-door coupe will cost. We hope that it could come with a price slightly lower than its top-notch competitors’.

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