2016 Infiniti Q30 News — Luxury & Avant-garde Design

Since its manufacturer made a sharp turn in design and carmaking approach in general, the 2016 Infiniti Q30, based on the Infiniti Q30 concept, will come in 2015 as a blend of different body shapes. Although it is primarily considered a hatchback, it can also be considered a coupe or even more, a crossover. The 2016 Infiniti Q30 will, according to some reports, inherit 95 percent of the Infiniti Q30 concept. That’s why we know at this point what we should expect from the 2016 Q30. Since the manufacturer of this car, Renault-Nissan has some kind of a special connection with Daimler, the 2016 Infiniti Q30 will be underpinned by a Mercedes-Benz platform and powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine. The powerplant which will be installed in the U.S.-spec Q30 is probably the same one which can be seen under the hood of the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG. As for the appearance, that’s the first feature which makes this car distinctive. You may like it or not, but everyone would agree that it doesn’t look ordinary. With a lot of details which contribute to the overall fluid and futuristic feel, the 2016 Infiniti Q30 will certainly be among the most attractive vehicles on the road.


2016 Infiniti Q30 Exterior, Platform & Appearance

The 2016 Infiniti Q30 belongs to the small group of vehicles which are brave enough to risk. It may become a legend, determining the future of the car design, or it may be a disappointment, which would meet a cold reception. With its imaginative and avant-garde design, the Infiniti Q30 concept attracted the attention of the autmotive public. This doesn’t mean that the production version will be successful. Thanks to the large grille and brilliantly shaped headlights, this car kept the styling cues of the recent Infiniti models. However, its bold Dual Wave effect used on the special body style, made the 2016 Infiniti Q30 look fluid and dynamic, like no Infiniti car before. The additional details which contribute to the overall revolutionary style are the distinctive C-pillar and the unique design of the wheels. Since the 2016 Infiniti Q30 needed a great underpinning, they used the lightweight, but strong MFA platform. This platform underpins various Mercedes-Benz models — the CLA-Class, the GLA-Class and hatchbacks which aren’t available in the U.S. (A-Class and B-Class).

Interior Of 2016 Infiniti Q30

As for the interior, the production model won’t have the exact copy of the cabin seen inside the concept. It wouldn’t look so extravagant, it would be more calm and moderate, so is won’t follow the brave approach of the exterior. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t resemble the interior of the concept. It will look pretty much the same, but without additional features, which make every concept stand out. The 2016 Infiniti Q30 isn’t just a very interesting vehicle, it is a full-blooded luxury car, so the cabin should provide a high level of comfort, with high-quality materials and advanced technology.

U.S.-spec Gas Engine, Diesel And Hybrid Powertrain

Although the 2016 Infiniti Q30 will have several engine options, the U.S.-spec version will probably have only one. This engine is 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder. Its detailed specs are unknown at this point, but since it powers the Mercedes-Benz CLA250, we can use those numbers as a reference. So, placed under the hood of the CLA250, this engine delivers 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Installed in the 2016 Q30, this engine may have a different power output, but it shouldn’t be significantly more or less powerful. Aside from this engine, there are other possible powerplants which may become a part of the U.S.-spec engine lineup. There’s a chance that some of the Mercedes-Benz diesel units becomes an engine option, as well as a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which goes better with the target audience.



When Will 2016 Infiniti Q30 Be Available?

The first units of the 2016 Infiniti Q30 will be made in fall 2015 and the release date is expected by the end of 2015 or in the first months of 2016.

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