2016 GMC Canyon — Denali Trim, New Engines & New Transmission

The upcoming GMC Canyon will get some new features which will essentially change the truck’s appearance, performance and comfort. Reportedly, the 2016 Canyon will get a Denali trim. This news is very important for all the fans of this mid-size pickup truck, but that’s not everything the manufacturer intends to bring for the 2016 model year. Brand new transmission, fresh engine options and slightly changed appearance are also very important features that will improve the 2016 GMC Canyon. Of course, the Denali trim will be very comfortable and very appealing. It will be improved with premium audio system, more luxurious interior and some other features. The 2016 GMC Canyon Denali is going to be a mid-size truck which can improve the way how the potential customers perceive it and it could probably improve the sales of the whole range, not just the particular Denali trim.

2016 GMC Canyon

2016 GMC Canyon Denali Features

The appearance of the 2016 GMC Canyon Denali is going to be changed by some new exterior details. New LED headlights, mirror caps and chromed grill will alter the truck’s style, making it more asertive. As for the interior, the 2016 Canyon Denali will get a Bose audio system, new upholstery made of quality leather and power moonroof. This way, the truck will provide an extraordinary experience of its cabin, since the trucks aren’t usualy equipped with such upscale interior features. The 2016 GMC Canyon Denali will certainly be able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

2016 GMC Canyon Denali

Eight-speed Transmission

It’s true that all of those features are important and contributing for the 2016 GMC Canyon Denali, but the enthusiasts are more focused on the engineering part. As we said, the 2016 model year will bring new engines and new transmission. The new gearbox is actually the famous eight-speed transmission which was in development for a while.

New Engines: Four-cylinder Turbodiesel & V6 EcoTec3

As for the engines, the 2016 Canyon will have two new mills. There will be a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with 200 horsepower, 360 lb-ft of twist and compression ration around 16.5:1. Aside from this turbocharged diesel powerplant, the new Canyon will also have a 4.3-liter V6 EcoTec3 LV3 engine. This unit is capable of delivering 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque. With torque this impressive, the 2016 GMC Canyon probably won’t have any problems competing against the most prominent mid-size pickup trucks on the market.

2016 GMC Canyon Denali Interior

2016 GMC Canyon Denali Release And Price

If you add new Denali styling, the power will meet the comfort and convenience. That’s why the 2016 GMC Canyon Denali could be a bit more expensive than the current regular versions, but the price isn’t expected to be drastically higher. As for the release date, it’s not public yet, but some rumors say that the 2016 Canyon Denali will be released sometime next year.

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