Apple CarPlay & Android Auto on 2016 Canyon, Yukon & Sierra

General Motors announced that three of the 2016 GMC models – Canyon, Yukon and Sierra – will be improved by Apple CarPlay capability. Although this might seem as a minor upgrade that makes the time spent behind the wheel more comfortable, but it’s not something that drastically improves a vehicle, the truth is that the Apple CarPlay system is really a significant safety improvement as well as its Android counterpart.

The IntelliLink system will now display compatible apps on the eight-inch touchscreen, helping the driver keep the focus on the road ahead. As you probably know the IntelliLink system has voice commands activated using a button on the steering wheel, so there’s no need to take the eyes off the road and hands of the wheel.

2016 GMC Sierra Apple CarPlay IntelliLink

© General Motors

According to the Detroit-based automaker, the 2016 Canyon, Yukon and Sierra will also get Android Auto, but not at the same time. Some 2016 GMC Sierra models will get the Android Auto feature at the beginning of the model year, while both the Canyon and Yukon will have to wait a little bit, but they’re also going to get the feature during 2016 model year.

2016 GMC Canyon Apple CarPlay Android Auto

© General Motors

Those models have an IntelliLink system displayed at the eight-inch touchscreen. However, the base 2016 GMC Sierra has a seven-inch screen and it’s going to get both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at the beginning of the model year. The models with the eight-inch touchscreen will get the Android Auto feature later.

“GMC IntelliLink is taking another step forward with this simple and intuitive functionality that makes phones and vehicles work better together,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. “Like other GMC features, from OnStar 4G LTE connectivity and active safety features, it’s technology designed to enhance the driving experience without intruding on it.”

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make a driver’s life easier. There’s a number of apps that can be used. As expected, those are primarily focused on making calls, texting and listening to music, but there are also some other useful features and supported apps that make the time spent driving more enjoyable.

2016 Sierra Apple CarPlay

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The IntelliLink integration with both Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto is pretty straightforward. The IntelliLink screen has a “Projection” icon displayed when a smartphone not connected and when you connect your Android or iPhone, it indicates that a compatible device has been connected.

A full list of apps supported by Apple CarPlay can be found here.

And a full list of Android Auto-supported apps is here.

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