2016 BMW 6-Series Update — Exterior and Technology Changes

The mid-cycle update of the 2016 BMW 6-Series coupe will be shown at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. It’s true that the changes which are expected aren’t something to write home about, but we should bear in mind that the current Bavarian coupe is crafted in such a manner that only a complete redesign would change it significantly. That’s the problem with most of the cars whose design is completed. However, the automaker thought that the 2016 6-Series could have some nip and tuck here and there, so they’ve altered the front fascia and some other exterior details. These changes will certainly improve the new coupe’s and Gran Coupe’s appearance. Maybe the improvement won’t be shocking, but following the latest design trends, the 2016 BMW 6-Series will keep the pace with the rest of the BMW lineup and, what’s more important, with the competition. There aren’t so many luxurious full-size coupes on the market nowadays, but every single one of them is trying to get a bigger chunk of the market.

2016 BMW 6-Series Update Will Alter Current Model

2012 BMW 6-Series

2016 BMW 6-Series Updated Exterior

The exterior of the 2016 BMW 6-Series will be just mildly updated. The changes will affect the front bumper and the regions around the headlights and the taillights. They’ve also changed the car’s side vents, which isn’t such a big change, but it’s certainly a very nice addition to the update.

Interior and Technology Changes

As for the interior, the 2016 6-Series will have a new central screen and an iDrive infotainment unit with a touchscreen instead of the traditional rotary knob. The rest of the interior will probably remain unchanged except of the possibility that they’ve decided to treat the coupe’s cabin with new high-quality materials.

Carried Over Engines and Improved Fuel Economy

Reportedly, the engine lineup won’t be changed. Since the updated coupe will carry over the current model’s engines and it hasn’t suffered radical body changes which would decrease the weight, the expectations are that the 2016 BMW 6-Series will come with slightly improved fuel economy, but the improvements won’t be huge.

2016 BMW 6-Series Premiere and Release

The facelifted 2016 BMW 6-Series is going to be unveiled at the 2015 NAIAS and it will be released as a 2016 model.

Photos: BMW

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