2015 Toyota GT86 Changes Reveal Possible Scion FR-S Update

The new 2015 Toyota GT86 comes with some minor changes, which are enough to make it significantly improved. While the overall appearance and performance are almost the same, the 2015 GT86 gained a suspension which improved handling. There are new color options, updated interior and a new shark-fin antenna. The 2015 Toyota GT86 will be available in Europe this summer. This good-looking coupe is important for the North American market because all of the changes which can be seen at the updated 2015 GT86 are ready to be implemented at the Scion FR-S. According to numerous reports, the manufacturer doesn’t want to stop here. The plan is that the development of the Toyota GT86 continues. Since the Scion FR-S will probably follow the changes, the continuous updates of the GT86 will make the FR-S always fresh.


2015 Toyota GT86 Suspension Changes

One of the most important changes of the 2015 Toyota GT86 is its suspension improvement. They adjusted both the front and the rear suspension to be more rigid and stiff in order to make the steering more precise. That way, the 2015 Toyota GT86 will give more control to the driver, which will be able to predict the behavior of the vehicle and use the best way it suits the particular situation. Since the car now tamed, thanks to the better feedback, the driver can push it to the limits like never before. The improved suspension doesn’t look like a major change, but it alters handling and traction in a way that it feels like it’s a new-gen model.


2015 Toyota GT86 Refreshed Interior And Exterior

As for the interior, the 2015 Toyota GT86 will have a mild redesign of the dashboard, which looks more upscale. They used carbon-fiber in order to underline the high-performance feel this coupe already oozes. The general appearance isn’t something that was fundamentally changed. However, the new shark-fin antenna, which improves aerodynamics and also, looks really good, contributes to the updated exterior. The aforementioned new color options are in silver and pearl-white tones.

2015 Toyota GT86 Release

The updated 2015 Toyota GT86 will be released this summer in Europe. Its overseas sibling, the Scion FR-S will probably get the same updates and maybe a couple more, but we have to wait for the the relevant news about the FR-S update.

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