2015 Toyota FCV Introduced — Specs Of Revolutionary Fuel Cell Powertrain

The 2015 Toyota FCV is revealed. The production version of this fuel cell vehicle will look almost the same as the concept which announced it. This manufacturer’s move might seem a little bit strange, since the automotive public expected a little bit more timid and conventional design. Perhaps, the logic behind the exterior of the 2015 FCV lies behind the same principle employed for Toyota’s first electric vehicle release. This way, they will make a clear distinction between their conventional and electric vehicles and on the other side, new fuel cell cars. The 2015 Toyota FCV, therefore, got an unusual and unique exterior design, but what’s more important is its powertrain. As every other fuel cell vehicle, the 2015 Toyota FCV doesn’t pollute the environment. This completely green vehicle is made for eco-conscious people, but it also has characteristics of an ordinary mid-size family sedan. Since this is still a Toyota, the revolutionary design and powertrain serve to depict the avant-garde aspect of this manufacturer. The moniker of the 2015 Toyota FCV isn’t the most poetic one. The acronym FCV stands for: Fuel Cell Vehicle. Of course, it’s possible that it gets a new more appealing name once it hits the dealerships in the U.S. As for the American release, the 2015 Toyota FCV will be available from the middle of the next year.

2015 Toyota FCV exterior

2015 Toyota FCV Comes With Unexpected Revolutionary Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2015 Toyota FCV is, like we already said, unique. As you can see, the body has an authentic design language, which seems a little bit futuristic, which should convey the basic intention of the fuel cell zero-emission technology of the future. Thanks to its uniqueness, the 2015 FCV couldn’t be undetected. Although there are some opinions which claim that the exterior design isn’t the most beautiful one, we should bear in mind that this scenario is already seen when the Prius was introduced. Back than, the Toyota Prius, a revolutionary car of its time, was considered strange and uncommon. The 2015 FCV obviously follows the same path paved by the Prius. That’s why the futuristic and unexpected design from Toyota shouldn’t be analyzed without wondering how the vehicles of the not-so-distant future would be designed. In the end, they certainly did their job with unique and extraordinary body which actually differences this car from any other vehicle and at the same time explains at first glance that its powered by an advanced technology. Aside from the 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell and the announced Honda’s fuel cell vehicle which should be released next year, the 2015 FCV doesn’t have other competitors, but nevertheless it’s unique like there are hundreds of fuel cell vehicles on the market. The 2015 Toyota FCV is the very first fuel cell vehicle sold in the U.S., since the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell is available for lease only.

2015 Toyota FCV interior

Fuel Cell Powertrain And Its Specs — Power Output, Drive Range & Acceleration

Below the extravagant appearance, the 2015 Toyota FCV has fuel cells and a powertrain which is very similar to the one used for electric vehicles. Essentially, the main difference is in the energy source. While electric vehicles use electricity stored in batteries, a fuel cell vehicle uses compressed hydrogen. That’s why the 2015 FCV’s driving performance doesn’t differ from the performance of an electric vehicle. It has smooth acceleration and provides really comfortable silent ride with its powertrain which, translated into conventional power output, has 134 horsepower. According to the manufacturer’s data, the 2015 Toyota FCV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 10 seconds. This car is, like every other fuel cell vehicle, a very serious competitor to plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. The main upside of the 2015 Toyota FCV is that it has drive range of 430 miles and it can be completely refilled in three minutes. The other side of the coin is that the hydrogen refill stations aren’t numerous and that could be a problem for drivers which would like to take long distance rides and taste the cruising in a zero-emission vehicle.

2015 Toyota FCV Release And Estimated Price

The 2015 Toyota FCV will be released in the U.S. in the middle of 2015. Of course, it will be released in its home country first and we know how much it will cost there. The price of the Japanese version of the 2015 FCV will be 7 million yen. Converted, it costs around $69,000, but having in mind that the price in Japan should be higher compared with the price in the U.S. we expect that, when it comes in the U.S. the 2015 Toyota FCV comes with a price tag below the aforementioned amount. There’s no need to mention that it will be released only in areas where hydrogen stations are available. The accelerated development of hydrogen stations could expand the areas where the FCV could be driven.

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