2015 Tesla Model X Specs — The First Electric Crossover

Thanks to the company’s ambition to make an attractive crossover, the 2015 Tesla Model X comes next year. The all-new 2015 Model X is based on the Model S, which is a very successful sedan. Of course, those two significantly differ. Not just because the Model X is a crossover, but that fact will help a lot. The body of the 2015 Tesla Model X is large enough to have seven seats in three rows and provide more comfort and room than the Model S. According to numerous reactions, this electric crossover is one good-looking electric vehicle. Of course, like expected of the Tesla company, the Model X looks extravagant and stylish. Although not everyone is a fan of its falcon doors (gull-wings), this feature is what makes it distinctive and special. Truth be told, an electric crossover isn’t just an ordinary vehicle we can see every single day. The 2015 Model X can be considered as a milestone in the automotive history, since it’s the very first electric crossover and that’s why it may have all the special features. In a way, its a prototype for every future vehicle within its market segment. After all, this is a Tesla vehicle, so it has to be a cutting-edge piece of engineering and design. The 2015 Tesla Model X price starts from around $70,000 for the entry version.


2015 Tesla Model X Body Design

Although it would be reasonably to presume that the 2015 Tesla Model X will be bigger than the Model S, it actually won’t grow significantly. It will be just slightly longer and, of course, taller, but the width won’t be changed. Still, it provides enough room inside, so making an attractive seven-seats crossover with no particular dimensions increase, may be considered a design marvel. That’s why the future owners of the Model X won’t have trouble manoeuvring through busy city traffic. The basic idea behind the falcon doors, which already became a highlight of the Model X’s exterior, is better access to the rear seats, especially to the third-row seats.


2015 Tesla Model X Powetrain — Drive Range & Performance

As for the powertrain, the 2015 Tesla Model X will have two battery packs — 60-kWh and 85-kWh. It comes with standard all-wheel drive. The front wheels are powered by the second electric engine. That’s important because all-wheel drive completes the features list a crossover should have, no matter the powertrain. This kind of powertrain will eventually be implemented in the Model S, too. At this point, there are no EPA results, nor efficiency estimates, but it’s expected that the Model X has slightly worse results compared to its platform mate. The price of having all-wheel drive, which brings more weight, and less aerodynamic design, will probably be paid by reduced drive range. Some estimations regarding the efficiency of the Model X say that it may be up to ten percent less efficient. We should bear in mind that Tesla extends its charging stations network, so in the near future, the drive range may not be such an important issue as it is today. The 2015 Tesla Model X performance won’t be reduced like its autonomy. Estimations are that is will have 0-60 mph acceleration result near 4.4 seconds, which is just the same as the Model S. However, it would be wise to wait for the official specs and results.


2015 Tesla Model X Price And Release Date

The 2015 Tesla Model X will be released during spring next year. As for the price, there is no official information yet, but the entry MSRP will probably be near $70,000 for the base version and $95,000 for the Performance version.

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